The Reality Investigations Detective Agency


PROLOGUE  The Ancient Discovery


CHAPTER 1  Reality Investigations
CHAPTER 2  My First Investigation
CHAPTER 3  The Haunting
CHAPTER 4  The Home Guard
CHAPTER 5  Paranormal Investigators
CHAPTER 6  Loch Ness Monster
CHAPTER 7  The Wood
CHAPTER 8  The Search
CHAPTER 9  The Science Convention
CHAPTER 10  The Treasure Investigation
CHAPTER 11  The Haunting
CHAPTER 12  The Paranormal Scientists
CHAPTER 13  The Paranormal
CHAPTER 14  The Hospital
CHAPTER 15  The Shaft
CHAPTER 16  The Body
CHAPTER 17  The Army
CHAPTER 18  The Race
CHAPTER 19  The Bottom of the Shaft
CHAPTER 20  The Discovery
CHAPTER 21  The Tunnel
CHAPTER 22  The Cavity
CHAPTER 23  The Artifact
CHAPTER 24  Marple Arrives
CHAPTER 25  The End of the Tunnel
CHAPTER 26  The Treasure Discovery
CHAPTER 27  The Killer
CHAPTER 28  The Scan
CHAPTER 29  The Exploration
CHAPTER 30  The Lost Chamber

PROLOGUE  The Ancient Visitation


CHAPTER 1  The Investigators
CHAPTER 2  The Santa Investigation
CHAPTER 3  The Visitations
CHAPTER 4  The Christmas Visitation
CHAPTER 5  The Deadly Encounter
CHAPTER 6  The Paranormal Investigators Arrive
CHAPTER 7  The Scientists Convention
CHAPTER 8  The Manifestation
CHAPTER 9  The Breakthrough
CHAPTER 10  The Ancient Visitation
CHAPTER 11  The Lost Cavity
CHAPTER 12  The Hidden Chamber
CHAPTER 13  The Press Conference
CHAPTER 14  The Roman Remnants
CHAPTER 15  The Monster
CHAPTER 16  The Underground Scan
CHAPTER 17  The Roman Treasure
CHAPTER 18  The Lost Treasure Tunnel
CHAPTER 19  The Collapsed Tunnel
CHAPTER 20  The Deep Depth Scan
CHAPTER 21  The Mist Visitation
CHAPTER 22  The Natural History Museum
CHAPTER 23  The Tunnels
CHAPTER 24  The Lost Ancient Tunnel
CHAPTER 25  The Treasure Chamber
EPILOGUE  The Thing from Beyond Reality


The Ancient Visitation

McMurdo’s pale complexion and shaken appearance showed he had encountered something beyond his comprehension, of an immensely deadly diabolical nature, and he shook in terror, barely able to speak, and looked gravely ill.
I strained my eyes to see him in the dimness of the underground train tunnel, near London Bridge, beside the underground Roman cavity they had just uncovered in the side of the tunnel, which he had just climbed out!
“What did you see down there?” I gasped, in horror, at what he had suggested existed.
“I saw its face!” he muttered. “It’s hideous! Its existence goes back far further than humans, and far beyond! It’s trapped down there somewhere!”
I stood frigid and staggered at the danger, and started to comprehend what we were up against, and had been missing!
I wondered what could be powerful enough to trap it, and if there was even anything in existence to free it!
“Its origins go beyond humans, and the Romans who settled here, and has been dormant, waiting to be revived, and uncovered, and has remained undetected by our technology!”
He continued, biting his lower lip hard, “Our detection methods are far inferior and are mainly created and function to discover normal objects, and even normal unidentified objects, and our investigations of it are futile!”
I sat frigid, realizing the mistake we had made and what the outcome of what was occurring could be, and by trying to handle something of its nature, which could categorically kill us all!
“Some scientists found traces of it though, which were kept confidential – while they tried to locate and investigate it!”
“It must be incredible!” I answered firmly. “It must have been tremendous! What made it come to this place, in the first place?”
“Nobody knows! Perhaps there’s something here, which it came to investigate! If it was far less dormant it might have been located by some means! It is powerful!”
I was amazed that he thought it could have some form of powerful presence, and I believed it was supposed to be entirely supernatural, and was sure I was destined to discover its existence, and full potential, and believed it could be buried away below us, below the cavity, unearthed by them, working there, and I detected he had been up to something when he discovered its existence.
Deep down I thought McMurdo had barely survived, and seemed to believe he could be killed in some hideous way!
It was lucky Marple had not been able to get hold of the archaeologists to investigate his accounts of the lost treasure, and Roman map he had found, as they were working on another project, but I knew they soon would, and that we could not do anything about it, and I thanked him for warning me.
In the ground below my feet I was surprised to see an object, which I saw was a Roman coin, and I grabbed it and cleaned dirt away from it, in the dim light, and I entered further into the massive cavity in the side of the tunnel wall, and looked down into the large hole there, going deep below, and into the hideous cavity, and wondered why in the hell it was there, and why the railway company had not filled it in, but I knew they would once they had completed the rest of the railway line, and it could be buried away for future explorers to uncover.
I recalled the other incident we had investigated, at Battlefield Road, and after all the observations, research, and by leading scientists, scientists admitted that the thing found in the woman’s house we investigated had unknown origins, mainly by its appearance and tremendous unrecognized powers! Although they still had a lot of work and investigations to carry out, and had found little, and they were trying to keep it confidential!
“We have to investigate it!” McMurdo warned. “The future of the world could be at stake? If the wrong people get hold of it …”
“We should investigate it!” I agreed, recalling a newspaper article. “There may soon be many more constructions being built around here! They’re building far more constructions now … We have to get anything we can on it – and as much information on it and its origins …”
“There’s little! That’s been found! It’s mainly in ancient lost legends, which show its hideous features – and that of the devil!”
I was left confused at what information he had discovered, and stated, “If it has a physical presence we could discover something new about it – and it would be worthwhile to investigate!”
McMurdo gasped, in horror, still badly shaken from his confrontation with it, and replied, “I never thought I would live to see it and survive!”


The Lost Cavity

After a week the descriptions McMurdo gave were unbelievable and I could not believe I was exploring the cavity, on my own, with the scientists and archeologists above, with me on the end of a rope, daggling in hideous deep blackness.
It was too unacceptable for me to fully believe McMurdo’s accounts, and I left it at that, and believed I could survive, if I watched what I did, and believed there were great dangers lurking in the cavity below, and I recalled being surprised by him showing me an ancient almost incomprehensive account that specified that the location was the resting place of something hideously wicked, buried away there.
I conjured up vague visions of a spooky medieval haunted torture chamber and ancient dungeon below.
A distant rumble shook the surrounding area, from a distant train, releasing small debris and dust from overhead, and vibrated through the rope.
Marple arrived above and appeared over the edge of the hole, with his face examining what he could see of me, over the abyss below, and I knew he would be considering a different method of getting the archeologists, scientists, and equipment down.
In seconds the rope wildly jerked and I went downwards, and the faces above vanished into the swirling dark, as I spun uncontrollably around, and a surge of blackness engulfed me, like falling into a black hole.
When it slowed I was left in nothingness, and the hole above became a spot of light, which gave little light down to me, and I realized how deep it was, with confusion, and I gasped at what McMurdo had been through, and that he had arrived there on his own, with little knowledge of anything.
A white radiance blasted down from Marple’s torch and it shifted to specific calculated positions, illuminating a dreamy sight above me, showing the hidden cavity walls, and I gasped at its immensity and the danger of it collapsing down, and wondered how dangerous it was, and realized that at least the railway line was not over it, and it was over solid ground.
As my eyes adjusted to the dim light above I watched it probing its way about, scattering beams through clouds of silky dust; and it occasionally blew near me, and I continued on down, inhaling in enough air.
At the bottom of the shaft I was again left in darkness, and released the rope from me and dropped down onto the ground, and tried seeing about me in the dim light, and sensed something buried deep in its depths.
There seemed to be rubble everywhere, and boulders, some firmly fitted together in the ground, and I stood saying nothing, and watched Marple above checking what he had.
What the hell was the cavity? It never looked like an artificial structure, and I wondered how it was formed, and examined rocks at my feet, and I knew it had to have been something as McMurdo would not have been wrong, and I shivered seeing its deep dark regions, where anything could exist.
I wondered if McMurdo had fully reported it to the train company, as if the whole surrounding area collapsed down, and other areas like it there, they should think of filling them in.
By Marple’s frantic reactions, as he attached the rope and got ready to come down, I sensed that he might have found something, and I knew we might find something, and realized that we must be under streets I knew above the railway tunnel and I tried to work out the exact location.
It was strange as there had to be something deadly there and I could not grasp what and where, and tried going over what McMurdo had said, and I realized he had hardly said anything, and I wondered how I would get back up to the top, and I watched Marple come down and knew he had something, and was not saying anything at the moment, but I could not quite grasp what.
I wondered why someone would want to go to such lengths to build the cavity, and realized it had to be a natural cavity, and I started exploring an area nearby.
Water dripped down from somewhere overhead and I cleaned it from my face, and whished I had taken down the torch they had, but it would have left them all in darkness, but in my pocket I had matches if I needed them, and lit one to see if I could see anything, but it was too faint, and I saw a cloud of dust spraying down, and I covered my eyes.
While I walked away I listened to vague hollow surges come down from above, and I caught glimpses of people watching me in the hole above, while Marple came down below them.
At the front of me I saw the cavity wall and mechanically tried to place my hand against an area of it, trying to feel what I could not see.
I expected to find stone but all I found were thicker webs, covering something, where an area of stone had crumbled down and collapsed over the ground.
As I shifted forward a flicker of dim light overhead grabbed my attention and I felt thick cobwebs crawling over my face and hands, and I heard murmurs of archaeologists, excited about coming down, and I wondered what we were doing there.
I felt about, still unable to grasp anything, desperate to get answers, and find something, before the others got down, and I felt jagged rocks under my shoes, and further along felt rocks pile up across my front; and I blindly touched shapes, embedded in others, and felt something strange directly ahead, and jerked my hand away, realizing it was some form of deadly life form.