Rudolf Hess and the Time Machine




The Exploration Team

Media from throughout the globe arrived at the annual Exploration Association conference and Thomas Bryson realized straight away that the whole world could now know of the occurrences before he had anything, with it being in newspapers, magazines, television, and about every media source.
They were packed together around the stage platform and were interviewing and filming famous scientists everywhere! Luckily the scientists avoided telling anything and the majority of the people there never knew what was happening either, and the media was mainly investigating things and doing media updates on the famous Exploration Association.
Bryson recalled everything that he had heard of the science conventions of the Exploration Association as he sat silently next to other famous scientists going in a line alone the back of the stage, with him beside paranormal scientists Merton and Mortimer at the side of the stage curiously examining the audience, made up of vast amounts of major scientists and explorers.
They were astonished that they had not fully noticed the group, and its accomplishments. They had seen many mentions and media stories over the past years, but it all had looked exaggerated! Yet in the large conference hall they saw it packed solid with famous and major scientists from all over the globe!
He began realizing that within the club there was a form of secret society, which he never fully grasped the main objective of!
Mortimer had vaguely told him of their new discover that could well rival their investigations and discoveries at the two castles, if they could find a way of proving its existence.
Something had to exist! Mortimer had never been known to exaggerate such statements! Yet Mortimer was unable to prove anything had been found! Only a few Exploration Association members knew what existed and were keeping it confidential!
Mortimer had told him that they would give some details at the meeting and they would find out if the Exploration Association was authentic.
Bryson was sure that if nothing surfaced that he and Merton and Mortimer would join the group, and could find future occurrences there from its members. They had scientists and technology that could prove to be of great use to them!
He had originally ignored an invitation to the scientific conference and its recommendations to scheduled activities that were to bestow a source of an abundance of unknown findings as it had seemed useless, and he still sat astounded as more science connections and potential assistance emerged, which he could use with future projects.
The presentations began swiftly with an aged scientist showing the eager audience new unseen ancient prehistoric skulls, resting across a large conference table, across their front, at the front of the stage.
At both sides of the large stage platform technicians activated spotlights on the skulls and they lit up brightly.
Bryson was taken aback at how few took notice of the new skull exhibition and new findings and sensed that they were waiting for something immense. He also sensed from them that he and the two paranormal scientists would be part of it, which he was not fully able to grasp. Nobody there left the conference, and the audience waited and discussed things excitedly.
He heard astonished and altered accounts of his fame and the American castle/voyager affair, and the coverage that had been given to it, and he started to see their interest in him.
Professor Selenski, chairman of the Exploration Association, finally marched onto the stage, and the technicians removed the skull exhibition.
“If you never attended the famous accounts Professor Farrell gave ...” Selenski announced firmly. “With accounts of David Parker and his fantastic new technology, discoveries ... I’ll inundate you on the latest uses of it! And what it’s just uncovered!”
Bryson vaguely recollected Professor Farrell and vague accounts of his discovery of perfectly preserved fossils and the news coverage, and the Exploration Association’s involvement with the alien encounter on the Pacific island, and as he recalled the world event and all the coverage the media had given he paid attention to Selenski far more, intrigued.
“Conventional technology used mainly in archaeology and by geologist, mineralogists and oil surveyors, has techniques such as geophysical prospecting and seismic reflection ...
“A multitude of electrical methods applied in mineral exploration depend on electrochemical activity, permittivity, and resistivity effects. 
“Degrees of electrical conductivity exist in soil, and many materials act as natural batteries, with vague effects that can be measured ...
“Magnetic methods of prospecting detect buried features by locating the magnetic disturbances that they cause! 
“Surveying done with gravimeters on airplanes and helicopters have accelerations and movements that can affect and ruin readings, which are very inaccurate anyhow, and they normally can only detect such things as salt domes, which trap oil, and are used in oil exploration, as well as to detect high-density minerals.
“Forms of radar detection can be used, but also with inaccurate results ...
“The new surveying equipment David Parker has can scan more accurately, deeper and faster, from airplanes and helicopter many times more powerfully than anything invented, and has been vastly improved since its use at the Pacific island discovery! The detection components are highly confidential again, as well as its uses by the military ...
“It produces the most detailed mapping of beneath the ground ever seen, to a far greater depth, making it possible to observe small and large objects – of the dimensions we are interested in!
“It’s in military satellites ... It can detect underground missile bases and things far below the ground, even hidden away in mountains, which are normally undetectable.
“Parker has been redoing his project in Greenland searching the depths of ice, and targeting locations in the oldest regions of ice recorded, where there could be rare sites where some of the dinosaurs existed! Can we be entirely certain some dinosaurs, like mammoths, have been fully extinct for millions of years?
“Extinct species, some remaining dinosaurs, might have somehow reached the Antarctic too, and could have been frozen in avalanches or snowstorms.
“They have fully equipped planes, technicians and pilots, to carry out their work.
“This technology is a scientific breakthrough and it would be a mistake not to use it for science! 
“They’ve also been redoing scanning and doing underground maps of miles of rural Britain, the coast, and expertly examining archeological sites, and potential regions below forests, hills, lakes in distinct detail, and have revealed much of what they were searching for ...
“They also discovered signals of something believed to be of unknown origins, which, or course, is what this is about!”
Bryson accidentally gasped loudly, knowing they had detected something incredibly, and from Mortimer’s reactions, and he recalled more about their discovery in Cornwall and realized that they could have used their technology at the castle investigations, and wondered how much Merton and Mortimer had known of its existence. But could they have persuaded them and David Parker to use it there?
“Tell us of the strange magnetic phenomenon you found!” a scientist nearby asked.
“Some form of powerful magnetic influence, or something of that nature, was detected!” 
“Whatever it is, it has incredible power! At what location was it discovered?”
“They were flying near where Rudolf Hess crashed during the Second World War when it was detected!”
“The magnetic field of the globe has been found at other zones than at the top of the globe ...”
“Even so it would beneficial to check this disturbance and record it for science! Incidentally, the scientists and technicians on the flight told us that the scanning equipment started to blank out and react like it had at the Pacific island discovery and at Cornwall, with fluctuations of energy overpowering it, and the equipment barely functioned!”


The Lost Chamber

Bryson rhythmically released the rope edging him down into the deep endless tunnel, gasping for air, eagerly seeking to grasp what was hidden at the bottom.
He yearned to explore and grasp what was buried away down there in the abyss below, and he could not figure out what could be there! There was not suggestion of anything! He had always wanted to explore and discover new things of value and greatness, and be remembered for it.
He recalled watching the archeologists at work at the top constructing the tunnel for days, and him exploring the surrounding fields, and, away in the distance, where Hess had parachuted down.
Even though nobody there had been sure what would be accomplished, it was mysterious and fascinating!
Bryson groaned as the rope dug deep into his side and he dangled about trying to loosen it, and he grabbed part of a boulder embedded in solid mud, while he glimpsed parts of the shaft below, wondering if it was a disappointment. The farm field that it was in looked all wrong and empty of anything, and even Merton, Mortimer, and leading Exploration Association members above had doubts! Yet why would it or anything like it be situated in a particular situated and featured site?
By the frantic reactions of the archeologists below he sensed that they actually were discovering things buried beneath him. Although the descriptions that they had called up, when the discovery had been found were too vague and said little. Though they had suggested a lost chamber was there, and his mind had conjured up vague visions of strange treasures below and he had persuaded them to allow a third person to go down.
The archeologists had worked for days digging firmly and accurately into the dirt, gigging the tunnel straight down into the field, which was at the precise location given to them by David Parker’s scientists and technicians, accumulated from their equipment, and gave the exact center of the disturbance.
Bryson had been standing glaring down the hole, going down well over eighty feet, when one of the two archeologists had hollered up as he had broken through into something below.
Bryson had also been on the plane when it had redetected the site and exact location, and he had been incredibly surprised and amazed, as well as the other scientists there, at the power and accuracy of the equipment and the discovery located there.
There definitely was something there in the field, located near where Hess had come down, which remained unexplained, and he repeatedly wondered if the disturbance had caused Hess’s crash, and how and why? Even though it could clearly affect the equipment they had used to find it there was no indication if it could do anything else. They had people and people in the media search for accounts of anything being affected and crashing and they had found nothing except someone had claimed to have seen something shooting through the sky at the time of Hess’s appearance, and later thought it had been Hess’s arrival.
Bryson’s eyes strained to see through the darkness and down into the hole below, but he still saw no distinct features at the bottom, and only saw the vague shape of the two archeologists resting over something.
As he rushed down faster he saw that they were resting and staring into a hole, between them, and mentioning things about it.
The hole was not large enough to allow one person properly down, and he spotted chunks of wood in the buckets of dirt that were to be hoisted up and he realized that whatever was there was man-made as the rotted wood belonged to planks of wood, which had been placed over something.


The Discovery

Bryson searched the black abyss below as he was being lowered down through the hole in the planks of wood.
He gripped the rope firmly, and looked up to the top of the tunnel through the hole above, listening to the two archeologists over him still conferring on what was below.
As far as he was concerned they had found little other than the tunnel chamber. They could not see anything in their dim lights and had been unable to proceed further as he had been using the rope, and since he had it attached to him he had found it easy to persuade them that he should go through the hole first.
A deep thud echoed down from above as all the scientists at the top gathered around to look down and he wondered why they were lowering him so slowly down when they could easily have lowered him at the same speed.
It was their discovery and expedition and he wished it to be done right, and as one of his adventure expeditions and to give the full discovery everything that it deserved. Yet he was mainly confused as to what had been discovered, especially after being surprised at so much in the past with such things, and being given such little and muddled facts.
The ebbing radiance of the torches of the two archeologists clearly was not enough to allow them to see much!
A gold radiance had flashed down from a reflection from the sun above and with his dreamy sight he observed it probing its way amidst the abyss below, scattering beams through clouds of silky dust floating about.
Some of it entered his throat giving him faint sensations and thoughts of coughing, but he speeded up unleashing the rope from himself allowing him to move down and to inhale a proper amount of air, even though it was stale.
Hazy echoes from his heavier breathing appeared in an extraordinary silence and he examined the stone wall around him of the second tunnel as he shifted downwards, and he started to find the stale air harder to inhale and he frequently gasped for air, while he dangling over obscurity, with hideous expectations of plunging into deep water accumulated below.
It was far different that the archaeologists were not below, and the light was not there. There could be anything there!
The scientists and archaeologists appeared vaguely against the changing shades of the blue sky far above, and he vigorously checked through debris on the surrounding stone foundations, like an ancient well, which he started to consider it to be. What if it had not been the precise spot of the disturbance and that they had chosen it as they had detected the lower part of a well or some ancient homemade sewage system, from some farm?
He just accepted the frantic reactions of the two archeologists to increase his speed, and that there was something actually buried beneath him.
The haunting descriptions that some of the Exploration Association had given him still made it almost unacceptable to believe fully! What had they been suggesting the chamber contained! In vivid detail he had heard some suggest that the location was a resting place of something! His mind conjured up visions of medieval ghosts roaming an ancient burial site!
Ancient people could have gone to great lengths to bury people!
A distant rumble above released debris and bits of plants and he realized that the area the two archeologists were on might not be able to support their weight! It had been damaged with age, water, rot, and the damage that they had done to it smashing a hole through it, to see and get down.
He fantasized it and them crashing down on top of him and considered how much damage would be done!
In an instant the rope jerked and wildly oscillated and he spun uncontrollably around and a surge of blackness engulfed him as he dropped his light below.
It became a spot of light embedded in something below, which gave little light to him, but he saw where he was going and speeded up his descent.
It slightly mystified him! The actual depth by far exceeded all their comprehension of what anyone would use! There was not just one compartment level, it went down and down into the depths of the ground and he thought of some ancient devil and black magic worshippers concealing something there, beyond their comprehension, of infinite danger, indestructible and hidden away from mankind!
Sounds took stranger tones and he strained his eyes more trying to see further down, about where the light rested, but there were no features of anything. Its tunnel shape was in darkness!
He heard distant movements from above and he looked up to see what was happening and saw that they were still there resting, and seeing what was happening.
A surge of water splashed across his face and poured down in streams as he finally hit the ground not fully realizing where it was, and in the turmoil he fell over sideways into some water.
He got up while releasing the rope’s tightened grip from his body, and shivered from the intense coldness and realized for some reason it was far colder there.
With the pain away he cleaned away some water off his face and grabbed the light, partly in dirt and water, and he examined it carefully for damage and cleaned it, removing the dirt over where the bulb was and fixed it at his side and fumbled through his pocket and removed a handkerchief and cleaned the water and muck away from his face, and rested.
He illuminated the stone wall going around him in the shape of a large well, and its brightness beamed out lighting up a large long black tomb shape structure, and he sat on a boulder and examined it in detail.
Eventually clouds of dust sprayed down through the stale air and he cleaned it from his tired eyes and saw the two archeologists starting to come down.
He was staggered for an instance when he realized that there was nothing other than long black box structure there, and he realized it had to be what was causing the disturbances.
When he went over to it he shone the torch closely over it and was surprised that all of the mud and debris covering its surface had been falling away from it and it even looked new and polished, and that it was not of ancient workmanship!
As the others came downwards he continued wandering around it examining its clean surface, and he examined it trying to see why there was not any notable way of entering it.
When the two archeologists arrived the three of them stood around it in a circle, wondering what the hell they had found! It was perfectly symmetrical and far more advanced than it should have been, and Bryson realized the coldness there was coming off it and then he realized that it was absorbing heat from him.


The Artifact’s Removal

From the edge of a large tent, constructed around the tunnel by the archeologists, Bryson examined equipment and people about the tunnel and the work that they had done while he had been away.
Dreamily he observed surrounding fields across his front and the twilight sun rising up from below the horizon, diverging its rays amongst tree shadows.
Golden light stretched over the surface of the world, and he heard distant voices from the archaeologists still at work down the tunnel removing the artifact, and he acknowledged a sweet pipe tobacco aroma lingering in the air from one of the scientists from the Exploration Association.
They were finally going to hoist the large heavy artifact out of there and give everyone a good look at it in the daylight, and he felt much excitement at the thought of it and realized again how much he had missed such action, explorations and discoveries!
He vaguely watched Merton and Mortimer stroll over to him at the tent from the nearby road, where they had left their vehicle, where they had traveled to from their city hotel, where Bryson was located nearby.
He perceived a certain inner satisfaction that they had that indicated that they actually were accomplishing something for real once again! Even though nobody was fully sure what they had or were accomplishing! The artifact was mysterious and out of their current reach of understanding, and nobody grasped its function!
Paranormal scientists rarely found anything worthwhile!
Merton marched happily over and sat on a boulder next to him and the tent, and examined the tunnel and equipment about it that was going to be used to hoist the artifact.
It amused Bryson that they actually thought they might damage the thing hoisting it out and had gone to such elaborate lengths! He considered that if they dropped it at the top and it fell straight down onto a sharp boulder that it would not even be scratched!
Merton examined him next after he had completed checking everything for changes and signs of progression, and considered his thoughts and turned towards him.
“We found some evidence that this thing might have been found by one of the soldiers in the Second World War, when they were here getting Hess. He’s believed to have found it and discovered its incredible properties – which he was going to use for something or sell it to someone, but something happened and he had it buried away! It could be dangerous! It could have dangerous paranormal powers, and be buried away for a reason!”
“That’d explain why he chose this site and tunneled so deep!”
“We believe they used an ancient well construction built here, which had gone deep to get water!”
“Yet there is plenty of water here, and there are streams ...”
“Therefore there could have been another use for it not stated!”
“The artifact looks as though it were new and had little contact with the outside world?”
“They clearly would have had trouble realizing just what it was and its properties were – even after carrying out careful experimentations of it.”
Bryson rubbed his weary eyes vaguely observing the remains of a fire the archaeologists had built, and they stood next to it considering it.
“Its origins may become clear once the scientists of the Exploration Association get hold of it!” Mortimer announced. “If they don’t explain what it is, nobody will!”
“They could run into some problem ...”
“That artifact must be made of the strongest material known! All their attempts to take samples off it have failed so far ...”
Bryson stared into smoldering red ashes of the fire and at a black shape within it and saw images of the artifact.
He had spent most of the morning thinking of the discovery and had not realized anything new. At one point in the night he had believed that the many myths of the world had been all remarkably true! He just could not grasp something! Science had explained so many things that had been thought to be magical!
Were there occult creatures buried away all over the world? He gasped at recollections of drawings and one of a dragon-like creature that he had recently seen.
The artifact was roughly the same as a drawing on an old parchment, from a collection of old parchments. Yet it did not fit into any descriptions! The trip had been a success, but they could say what they had!
“It could very well be some secret Second World War technology that either has been forgotten or is to this day still highly secretive?” he muttered to Mortimer, trying another angle.
“That thing was invented here?” Merton joked, looking over at a bright blue box shape of a distant company building. “It’s far more than anything they should have had!”
Mortimer nodded firmly in agreement, and so did the other scientists crowding around them, including archeologists.
Bryson heard heavy scuffling noises and heard there was at last some action occurring in the tunnel, and he watched them finally hoisting the artifact out of the tunnel.


The Black Artifact

The discovery was far too big and remarkable and David Parker had been unable oppose anything and could not get to see what was there fast enough, and use it for his own publicity, and send in his leading scientists with their best equipment, from another major important project, to examine the artifact as soon as possible, and he had even been contacted by the military to investigate it, after the incredible media reports.
The Exploration Association members were mainly concerned in if the artifact was dangerous, as many thought that it was some form of highly advanced military weapon, even though they still could not account for its appearance there.
The dating of the construction of the tunnel, carried out for the archeologists, had proven that it had been built when Hess had landed there in Eaglesham, at the exact same time as the claims had mentioned and there surely had to be a connection to what had been witnessed.
Had the artifact been used to spy on or attack the plane, or had it actually been with Hess?
The military scientists there were the first there to examine the artifact when it had been hoisted out of the tunnel in chains, and brought out of the archeologist tent and witnessed in bright daylight for the first time.
Bryson watched on astonished, and could well believe it had a military source.
It resembled a large black shiny missile, completely unmarked, with no scratches or dirt marks, with a deadly look to it Bryson could not fully grasp.
One of the scientists near him curiously picked up some mud and threw it over it and they watched it repel it and it fall to the ground. It clearly had defensive powers, and could stop damage being done to it, but this did not answer if it was of military origins! 
Bryson walked forward and surprised them by touching it and in less than a second he felt heat being withdrawn from his hand until it felt like ice, until he felt his hand pushed away by some form of energy.
If it had not had such a perfect symmetrical and artificial shape he wondered if he would have properly noticed the object, and would have thought it to be something left by the tunnel builders.
It curious how many members of the Exploration Association there actually had misgivings about it, and thoughts of it being something normal and not new, and he was sure that many of them doubted many of the things put forward by their association, and knew it had to be because of the way they treated them at times, and that there was so little of anything out of the ordinary and that they had not actually witnessed many of the things that the others had.
They vaguely reacted the Exploration Association and many of their elaborate unproven claims and were unconvinced of the occurrences, and only some occasionally openly had criticized the lack of proof.
So it never fully surprised Bryson that all the members there all started touching it and checking the effects it had on things and made crazy attempts at giving equivalent things that it could be related to, but they never fully achieved their aims.
In the end they seemed to accept that they had something new, and remained in doubt at how exaggerated the findings had been! Surely they had to have intensified things to revive the lifelessness and lack of new discoveries!
Many of the critics of the project had visited the site and had witnessed its removal to the surface, and many retired and old members had turned up (like Professor Lynam, Professor Thomas, and Dr Davidson), who remained together, and mainly eagerly listened to everything and searched for any proper new findings.
They loved everything to do with new exploration and science and they consistently showed their gratitude for being brought along, and constantly encouraged the others to describe what they thought about it.
Dr Davidson wrote down details that he was given, and Professor Lynam asked for lengthy descriptions for a lecture at their next meeting, to introduce the findings, and give a planned expedition to see it at its future destination.
“Make sure you get some good photos?” Davidson eventually muttered, unable to constrain himself.
Many more of the scientists started removing cameras and started filming the artifact at various angles, and Bryson wondered where they intended to take the artifact first and what they would eventually do with it, and he considered what other surprises the artifact had for them.
“There must be something recorded of this technology somewhere?” Davidson announced to one of the critics, who still did not know what to think.
“I’ve had people searching everywhere,” the critic scientist replied. “Without any results! Perhaps someone you know in the Exploration Association can help?”
“So far I’ve not heard anything yet!”
“We better wait,” Thomas continued, “before we can comment further!”
“There has to be something!” Lynam continued. “Something hidden away within the depths of some out-of-way place that can explain what it is! Massive unread achieves exist throughout the world ...”
“What were the findings from all the data that was recorded by scans of it?” Davidson asked firmly, as he read through his notes.
“There was not anything worthwhile!” Thomas answered firmly. “The artifact never allowed scans ...”
Some of the surrounding scientists immediately gasped!
“How does it do that?” one replied curiously, seeking theories.
“If you’ll remember ... They detected it when David Parker’s plane was scanning here, and the equipment stopped functioning properly and only gave strange, almost incomprehensible, images of here, which were clearly artificial ... All the other attempts at scanning it yesterday also received the same output ... By some phenomenon, of which they’ve not properly explained, the instruments, going by scan records, showed some form of powerful magnetic like influence – or something of that nature – acting upon it.” 
“What could allow it to create such power? It has to have a tremendous energy source!”
“It hardly looks Second World War technology, but all the dating data shows it is! Looks can be deceiving! Some people think we may be dealing with some old lost technology hidden away here! What if someone hid it because they could not destroy it, because for some reason it was too dangerous to keep?”
“Someone could have been be experimenting on something?”
“We are waiting to have many things clarified! So if any of you can help we would be grateful! We are making enquires to find out if someone had something like it!”
Bryson wondered what they would do if they could not explain anything? Would they put forward theories about it and allow them to be accepted as facts?


The Museum Exhibition

Bryson stood baffled at the entrance to the giant museum hall, where the Exploration Association were showing an exhibition of the artifact and their latest discoveries from the scientists, which they claimed would astonish everyone.
It had confused Merton and Mortimer as they had not come out with anything new for weeks and they believed that they would have discovered everything of interest over that amount of time, and would have announced it earlier.
The audience in the outer corridor had baffled them when they had seen their astonished behavior and loud accounts on the discovery of something, which for some reason they all avoided saying anything directly about.
He saw something over on the stage, away out in front of the audience, which he could not identify, which the whole audience seemed to be watching and talking over. Scientists and famous people were everywhere, and the atmosphere unbelievable, and as though the audience were waiting for something unbelievable and dangerous to occur.
As they marched up the central aisle to their seats, at the front, he felt a shiver run through him as he sensed something was going to occur there, and he slowly noticed the appearance of an energy bubble over where the artifact was resting, over a thick metal display table.
The thing looked entirely deadly and was pulsating with energy, which looked and sounded on the brink of something.
Mortimer looked the most confused and sat in his seat examining everything, considering what had happened to it and was occurring, and perhaps why they had not told them anything about the alterations in it, and what had happened.
Bryson at times spotted that the artifact looked like it turned vaguely translucent and he thought he saw the shape of something inside it, and after along time of carefully examinations he thought he saw a life form inside it, resting flat, in some form of rest.
It looked powerful, and perhaps deadly! By the artifact he could tell that it had much power but he could recognize what it was or what it could do, and glared at it trying to get a clue.
They learned some information from a leading Exploration Association member nearby, but he realized that they wanted everyone to get everything from the scientists that were going to appear on stage, and he was convinced it was true by the media further along from him and their reactions to them on not wanting anyone to get anything before what happened there, as the scientists particularly never wanted the media to get any information until they gave it.
It looked like some form of freak show at angles, with the museum’s strange lighting there.
Every major scientist and media source seemed to be there and he wondered why the Exploration Association members were so obsessed with such displays and occurrences!
He examined a brochure that had been handed to him and realized that he should have visited the museum before and was amazed at the amount of historical and interesting artifacts there, detailed filmed accounts of the artifact finding, and stuff on ancient civilizations uncovered, with detailed accounts of findings at their locations, and on space, other worlds and environments, and he even saw some of the work that he had recently heard of, and decided to visit the place in the future.
The artifact and energy bubble was astounding, placed in the center of the stage, in bright colored beams of light, fascinating everyone there and especially those still arriving.
The featured expeditions at the museum were some of the best and some people left there to visit them, and some remained looking worried at what was going to happen there and perhaps wondering how dangerous things actually would become!
Many people even thought of it as a type of horror show and examined it as a strange evil look exhibition, with anticipations of more in the upcoming lectures.
Some of the exhibitions were clearly set up like they were based on other worlds, and he wondered what the outcome of the occurrences would be and if it was going to be part of the greatest of them all, which he liked the thought of being a major part of and was one of his dreams.
He realized that Merton and Mortimer were not fully known as paranormal scientists from nearby conversations, and only vague descriptions of them investigating that sort of work was revealed.
On the stage a few scientists emerged and shifted over to the artifact, and a leading scientist and member of the Exploration Association arrived and gasped when they saw the artifact, in its new state, and ignored it and rushed over to the microphone and started giving detailed descriptions of their detection of the artifact, and their detection of its new energy source.
“More details of the artifact will soon be revealed,” Professor Thomas revealed. “It should give you more of an insight into what it is! We have scientific findings but little on where it came from, which surely is somewhere exceedingly advanced, as all the information indicates. There only seems to be one of its kind on the whole world! Its present state shows us more about it!
“More particular facts of the being inside the artifact may become known some day if we find a way to control the artifact, which will allow us to study it.
“A variety of clues of its highly advanced technology were found. Though we still have found little on, even with our technology!”
Bryson watched a group of scientists bringing in equipment and arranging it around the energy bubble around the artifact, and Bryson gasped and wondered what they were doing and dealing with, and for a moment thought he saw the being inside it shift.
A highly advanced clock was entered into the energy bubble’s field by the scientists, and the scientists reacted immediately when they noticed results and concluded that its precision digital numbers were frozen, and it altered into multidimensional forms as the clock was shifted slightly inwards, and they studied the suspended cluster of partially transparent layers, and the audience all watched the phenomenon with amazement.
Many famous scientist sat astounded, and many filmed it and what might be an incredible historic occurrence and a discovery that might prove time travel existed and that they might finally fully prove what it was, and Bryson watched the media go crazy filming it, surprised.
The scientists occasionally gave detailed explanations of what they were doing and believed was occurring, and they had the clock edged into the confines of the energy bubble, creating magnificent optical effects with the clock, making it distort in twisted forms, deliberately designed for their stage performance, shaping beams of light with matter.
New leading scientists were allowed to investigate it and they crowded around it loudly discussing it, and they applauded it and announced it was the first discover of a form of time travel anyone had found, and the audience wildly applauded.
Most of the audience watched on in wonder, and many watched on wondering what the hell it was, as it was far more different than he had thought, and Bryson realized that he had not heard anything that could properly explain how it worked and he studied the two paranormal scientists and main scientists in hope of picking something up.
It looked as if it were rupturing the fabric of space that played with time, with properties of altering and suspending it!
Many of the leading scientists that had been working with it were carrying out numerous basic and complex experiments on it with all the equipment available to them, and they showed detailed information had been accumulated, but most was not currently available, and it left the other scientists, media, and public wondering what else they had!
The abnormal antics of some of the scientists and technicians at times was captivating, mystifying them with the depth of their fears of something, and Bryson had not seen them actually react about anything without there being something there!
Some repetitively studied readings from equipment that they had set up around it!
Were they preparing themselves for something, which he saw the two paranormal scientists occasionally become aware of?
Why did they not do anything if they really did believe there was something? What the hell was the thing in it? Was it really of supernatural origins?
A swift flash of light appeared from a laser and exploded into a particular region of the artifact within the energy bubble, silencing the entire audience instantly.
Professor Thomas calmly gave other information that they had found out about it.
“We only discovered this state of the artifact after we carried out experiments on it by firing laser beams at it!” he told them, watching it at the side of his eye. “A computer used many millions of special sequences continuously on it until the artifact altered into this state! It was done after some examinations of a region of it, and some of us believed it might be activated by special laser flashes in particular sequences. The activation sequence has since been studied, and we think we have some more activation sequence codes to get it to carry out other functions.”
Many people talked about it taking people through time and that they had been witnessing forms of time travel, and Bryson started to realize that it was something – and why it was so dangerous!
“What are they intending to do?” a woman from the media asked Mortimer, recognizing him. “Could it be used to do something far more incredible – with it fascinating properties?”
Mortimer examined her in a glance and thought of the best reply, and replied, “All the scientists have been investigating it with everything they have, which is still not enough, and if they find anything I can assure they will inform you!”
“I’ve heard the artifact exists in other dimensions?” she asked, surprising Mortimer, and Bryson realized that she might have heard stuff about their investigations into other dimensions at the American castle, and he saw that they had the equipment that they had used to examine other dimensions.
 “We’ve ways of detecting other things from it!” Professor Thomas calmly announced, watching Mortimer. “We’ve detected many energy sources from it, and have detected other stuff exists!”
While Thomas was talking Bryson saw how more powerful the energy in the energy bubble seemed to become, and he examined its lethal appearance and it even looked like it could explode in an immense energy discharge.
“We are going to carry out an experiment and try another laser sequence of interest that was recently discovered that has not been used!” Thomas announced, and the laser started blasting the sequence at the artifact.
A man near the center of the media in the audience loudly gasped and pointed at its altered appearance, and the audience went silent.
Bryson spotted the center of where the being was in the artifact in the denser energy bubble and that it was turning bright, and it became louder and brighter and it started shaking, and then started knocking everything furiously about, knocking all the scientists about, and they fell over, and a sudden shockwave blasted through the whole museum floor throwing everything and everyone about, and it died away.
The hall instantly turned silent and the audience started to recover, and repair the damage, and Bryson noticed the two paranormal scientists dramatically talking and he checked where they were looking and realized that the energy bubble had gone, and that the being had appeared from inside the artifact.