The Deadliest Alien Artifacts (2015)


The Archeological Discovery
(From the novel The Alien Artifact 3)

The pictorial panoramic spectacle of the world stretching out below from the castle was fascinating, with the rugged golden shades of the starlight beaming everywhere, through massive gaps in the castle walls beneath the tower, where the archaeologists were working away, checking if there was anything in the walls, and how the stones had been made.
He always had liked archeology, especially on alien worlds, and liked exploring the past and the occurrences that had taken place.
The world below now looked like it had been frozen in time, and was a fantastic surreal prehistoric times world, and he recalled why he had wanted to be a paleontologist. It conjured up great visions of the original primitive world, with its astounding untouched magnitude.
While he rested against a wall he looked through a massive gap in the tower, and occasionally examined the stone and debris the archeologists sifted through, looking for anything of interest to him, and he watched the sky in a place that he had not examined before, and wondered what existed there and what other strange worlds there were to explore, and started to realize he was starting to like the galaxy more than his own, and that he would miss it, and the stars would never be the same again when he returned, and that they would completely empty.
In the distance he spotted an incredible immense meteorite crater with a strange mist cloud over it, only filling the dent, fitting itself into with its shape.
He believed he would make a good archeologist as he was interested in having everything investigated, and the true findings being revealed.
The archeologists around him enjoyed their work, and were still very intrigued with everything that they found there, and what fascinating things they could find.
He tried to work out the age of the tower, but could not, and just accepted the rough estimate given by the archeologists that he questioned about it. He was still searching for something, and for something that he was sure that he had missed. There were signs that it was really old, and older than they thought, and the walls of the tower had some materials in it that nobody had recognized.
Perhaps it was from an unknown and rare element found down there on the world. A new universe, and such a galaxy, had to have such. The place was unique and a real winner, and he had waited the majority of his life for such a find to emerge, and now he was going to grasp it!
Major Ripley rushed over to him, before he entered the stairs going up the tower, and immediately revealed how they had received more powerful digging equipment and generators to dig into areas in the tower, as they had found artificial objects in the walls, which they could not recognize.
Kruger started to realize that something was there, buried away in the tower, and saw that the archaeologists had slowed down their operations, and were more interested in what was buried away in the tower.


The Tower Removal

Gold and white radiances loomed over a shadowed region of the tower, while an immense lifting vehicle hauled it up, while the pilots aboard it controlled the computers and monitored it.
Kruger watched it with the two paranormal scientists, beside other major scientists, at the edge of the flat top of the castle.
The operation had been far more difficult than they had realized, as they found objects inside the tower that had apparently held the tower up, under the hideous conditions the alien had subjected it to with its incredible powers. The structure would have collapsed a long time ago if it had not used them!
It was virtually the only thing that they had successfully found the use of that belonged to it, and they could barely work out how they worked.
The top part of the tower glided away, under the vehicle, and they moved it over to the castle roof, where they were, and placed it in the central region, and the vehicle lifted away, and left to go down below.
Kruger watched the towers shape probing its way amidst the abyss of the stars behind it, and gasped as a giant star exploded with light, turning into what had to be the biggest nova and explosion that he had seen.
All the scientists gasped, and some filmed it, and watched parts of blast out into space, scattering beams of blinding light, and he saw that it was in fact the merging of two suns, being pulled together, as they were being dragged into the black hole at the center of the galaxy, and he moved his feet over the silky dust that rested on the roof, which had fallen there over night from space, and he wondered if the remains of it would come down as it, and he would actually touch the remains such a powerful phenomenon.
The air stuck deep in his lungs for a moment as he considered the dust being in the air, and considered how it affected the world.
In the powerful sunlight of the nova, the shadow of the whole pinnacle and tower stretched across the world like gigantic alien finger/claw, as though pointing at something, and he considered it for real for a brief moment and dismissed it.
Faint echoes of a distant meteorite landing appeared, and sounded like the nova explosion coming through the dense galaxy, and reaching the world, and it vanished into an extraordinary silence, as they all approached the tower to begin work, and to watch them remove the alien in the energy bubble, and place it there, for them to check properly, out of the tower.


The Monster Captured

Altering forms of the monsters consistently rematerialized in the energy bubble, as it floated over the center of large stone castle roof, as all the scientists stood around it examining it, trying to grasp what it was and was doing there.
Kruger watched the vehicle remove the tower away to the GX1 for examination, leaving only the energy bubble and alien there, and he wondered if they were underestimating its powers and if it was a mistake removing it from the tower.
The thing did resemble a magical being in its normal state. If it actually had a normal state, and he tried to grasp what it could really be, and why it had chosen the castle and region overlooking the center of the universe, and he gasped again as its giant demon shape appeared and glowed with energy, and altered and whirled within hideous energy surges – while it was consistently stopped from vanishing, to where they never knew.
Kruger spotted a new vehicle flying in from over the horizon, as it appeared there, heading towards them, with all the equipment that they would use to carry out an examination of what they could, in a brief examination, before they took it to the GX1 for it to be properly checked – with them checking if it should be brought aboard.
The alien shape at times looked as if it was looking directly at him, as if thinking of communicating, and was soon thrown into a turmoil of reactions, which left him considering if it was the energy bubble the two paranormal scientists had put it in or if it was it that was putting it in the state it was in.
Surely the energy bubble could not cause such a consequence?
But he was sure it was some sort of entity/life form and that it was trapped there, and he wondered what the paranormal scientists intended to do with it. If they never left it there, would someone eventually remove the energy bubble – to either investigate it more closely or check its normal state, and if they removed it what would happen? Surely they had not forgotten the alien in the void already, and he thought that it should be checked out of the energy bubble before it was taken aboard.


The Time Alterations

At the edge of the energy bubble, altering wildly, gleams of light from bright stars were being held motionlessly, and were being filmed and studied by the scientists.
The entire top of the castle was now covered in equipment and scientists studying the alien in the energy bubble, and of the discovery made earlier in close examinations of the energy bubble.
A clock placed at the end of a cable was entered into its field, and the scientist reacted immediately when they received results, and concluded that its precision digital numbers were being frozen, and into multidimensional forms as the cable shifted, and they studied the suspended cluster of partially transparent layers, as they moved in with cameras.
The two paranormal scientists were controlling the experiments of the leading scientists, and had gained a great deal of status and authority with them, and aboard the GX1, where most of the filming of it was being shown on the media.
Both occasionally gave detailed explanations of what they were doing, and believed was occurring, and they had the cable released further, edging it into the confines of the energy bubble, creating more spectacular optical effects with the clock, making it distort in twisted forms, like shaping beams of light with matter.
All the numbers on clock shifted fast forward to their surprise, and all the scientists, technicians, and archeologists there crowded around it loudly discussing it, and applauding the find, as it was the first discover of time travel.
Kruger stood with them startled, though he had known it existed, he had not proven it, and believed Don had traveled back in time, and he had been waiting for it to appear somewhere, to prove it, and for the event to take place, and he watched it wondering what the hell it was, as it was far more different than he had thought, and he had not realized or heard anything that could explain anything to him, and he had deliberately stayed near the two paranormal scientists and main scientists in hope of picking something up.
It looked as though it were rupturing space in a way that played with time. It had properties of suspending it! It was creating alterations in it and the fabric of space, but could it allow some form of gateway into the depths of time to exist?
Many of the leading scientists were carrying out numerous basic and complex experiments all around it, using equipment, and others were recording various things about it, and great amounts of detailed information were being sent back to the GX1 for them to analyze in a far greater degree.
Nobody had been able to determine its origins or if it came from the galaxy. Yet they were in another universe, which they had not checked in any proper degree, and there were many occurrences there and in the black hole that were still unexplained, and their voyage through the galaxy had shown that many mysterious things existed there.
It would take the rest of their lives to explore the place properly and make proper findings, and they may never fully achieve their goal, and it could be found long after they existed.
He had shuddered as he had studied its shape hovering about, and its occasional appearance, like a lion eyeing up its prey.
The abnormal antics of some of the scientists at times captivated him, mystifying him with the depth of their nervousness and fear of something! Some still repetitively studied the readings from their equipment and with alarm – preparing themselves for something, which he saw the two paranormal scientists slowly become aware of! 
What the hell was it? What was the thing? Was it really a supernatural entity? Could something go wrong?
A swift flash of light appeared and exploded at the edge of a region of the energy bubble, silencing all the scientists.
From it they got a proper view of what happened when the light entered its radius, and they were able to analyze slowed down views of the occurrence.
Kruger listened to a scientist explaining the occurrences to an audience on the GX1, stating, “It manipulated space and time within its outer radius! It can accelerate, decelerate, and suspend it ... The clock is now suspending it ...”
The cable emerged outwards pulling the clock backwards, with its numbers swiftly turning backwards until its numbers once again became motionless, and Kruger considered if they could use whatever it was to make some form of time machine.
He wondered if in reality time was something far different from what they perceived. But would he ever know? And he just accepted the philosophy! And he was still sure Don was an older version of him!
“What are they intending to do with it?” he asked Mitchel, curiously. “Are they going to construct something from it?”
Mitchel examined him, almost sensing something, wondering why he had an interest, and looked annoyed about something.
“They, of course, have investigated little so far, and if they do, you will be informed!”
“If they can reconstruct it, they can use it for many things, including uses in industry!” he continued. “Stopping time is an incredible tool ... With incredible uses ...!”
“They have made other findings you know! If you take an observation of its shifting movements, for one thing – which they have been studying closely – its constrained pattern of movements has dramatically altered in some regions in space ...”
Kruger examined its lethal appearance, like a large bubble full of pure transparent energy – buzzing wildly and dangerously – ready to discharge somewhere.
“Do you think you have created and have something new here?” he asked, firmly. “Two unheard of inventions of great power combined ... The incredible paranormal energy source, in the depths of a new and different universe, with a different makeup, in a galaxy never seen before, with hidden powers beyond our imagination from such a rare being, combined with your energy bubble that has been discovered for the first time from all the technology of worlds, over hundreds of years!
“The combinations of powerful energy sources have created many great discoveries!”
“There may be! It could very well be a one of a kind situation, and we have perhaps a long time to explore it! Perhaps we could find some form of time travel – which may not be found anywhere else – or something else!”
“We may not need to wait that long!” Bryan stated, moving over. “Most inventions allow people to get their best properties straight away. They will in a few days be giving out all the details from all the findings, and from all the experiments, which may be very interesting if I am not mistaken. They have barely even scratched the surface of it!”


Its Capture

The time being might have been thrown into the realms of hell, into another reality, with its magical being shape altering and whirling within hideous energy surges, threatening to obliterate it, but it consistently had stopped it and it falling out of space and time altogether, and it had consistently altered.
The center of it had glowed bright like a sun from the energy that it had been trapped in, altering and becoming more powerful and then dimming, with it whirling increasing and decreasing, shaking everything furiously about from the impact of powerful energy forces, from something strange from outside, and though it had reappeared at the correct location, it had been trapped there.
It had remained perplexed, and it had stopped making attempts at escaping, and tried to establish what had gone wrong.
On and on it had kept going, and it had seen the humans emerge on the tower stares, and confirm what it had started to suspect, and that they had set a trap and had caught it. It had underestimated them greatly! It would have been normally virtually impossible to do what they had done, and it would be lucky to survive the ordeal! It slowly had realized that they had methods of detection that it had never heard of, but it also had slowly realized that they never had time travel as it had originally known.
After the shock of the encounter, and it had adapted its energy and structure to handle the energy bubble that they had trapped it in, and it had probed the humans and realized it had been lucky, and that they could have killed it, and that they wanted it for something, and it had realized that it had technology that it could use to bargain with, if they ever allowed it to communicate.
Their technology had been strange and some of it primitive to it, and it had even learned how most of it worked, and had been surprised that its race had missed it, and it had realized why.
It had probed their computer records, and had found how powerful their race was, and then had discovered the great revelation that they had arrived there from another universe, after hurtling through the outer limits of space and time, and it had seen the great use that they could have been to its race.
The opportunity to do something had been great, and its determination had turned almost inconceivable.
For a long time it had watched them at work, and their experiments, while its energy surges intermittently had played with it, in hideous attacks, and it had planned what it should do.


Back on the GX1

The spectacular energy explosions and exhaustion of its energy had damaged far more than the alien had thought, and it could barely think and use its powers.
When they had taken it in the energy bubble to the immense GX1 it had gasped in horror, at what it was up against, and that it might be the end.
Yet it had even felt enjoyment at such a creation, and that it could exist, and that it had been seeing powers that its mighty race had never witnessed, and it had realized that it had a proper goal now, and that was to take control of it, and it was about to achieve its goal of getting aboard.
Once inside the GX1 it had been delighted, and thought of nothing else than escaping and what it would do, and this time it intended not to underestimate the humans, no matter what.
It had studied their minds and thoughts, and ways that they worked together, and had been surprised at many things. Their abilities could go far, and they continued doing things further than anything it had encountered, even though they made many mistakes, and usually went further with things that were useless and unneeded, and it realized that its race would have used them to investigate all the things that they had never bothered with.
It had recalled that a long time ago that it had encountered two of them, and had ignored them, but had been amazed by their technology, and it had even sensed that they had come from beyond the universe.
Its proper examination of their computers and records had been the greatest advancement that it had received, and it would have been far more if it had not been in the state that it had been in.
It had explored information about the energy field and its energy levels with astonishment, and had wondered why its race had never gone to the lengths they had to build it, and realized that they had ignored it as it had not been needed, and that they had had better alternatives, but they had ignored how powerful it could become, and could be used for things that their alternatives could not be used for.
Its examination of the occupants had been too swift and uncontrolled, and it had failed to realize many things that it should have known.
Their worlds were different and so populated that it had not been able to grasp how they worked, and how they never had problems, and it had examined their minds, and had started to realize the truth, and that they enjoyed it and thought of it as a common state, and that they would have thought of their worlds as being empty.
While it had continued its explorations another part of it had started work on creating a plan to escape, and it had examined their minds, thoughts, communications, behavior, and it had started to realize a way, and a way to avoid discovery and reveal itself.
It had formed a copy of a man and had altered his features, in which it would use, if it ever wished to copy one.
After examinations of it, it had learned many more things, and it decided to leave the investigation until its powers were returned.
It also found information on the entity in the void with surprise, and all the trouble that they had gone to destroy it, and it had been fascinated. At first it thought it had been a white entity that it had made a mistake with when it had been younger, and which had imprisoned it on the world, which it believed its race could handle, and that it had surprised it, when its powers had been weak. But after more searching it had believed that it could have been one of its own race, and that it had altered greatly, but after further examinations it found that it had been something else, and it decided to investigate it further when it escaped from the energy bubble, and had its powers.
Another problem that it had discovered had been that the humans could recognize a stranger easily, and that if it copied one of them it would have to be more careful than it had thought.
Once when it had examined their minds further it had found a way to alter their memories so that they would recognize it as a normal human, and not as a stranger, and it could alter their records about it, and it had seen where the other alien had gone wrong, and had thought of ways to avoid its mistakes, and it had realized that its powers would be weak and limited against them, with there being so many of them.
Through all that had happened it had managed to explore the strange life forms and their existence, and had been delighted to make it aboard, and it had believed that it could hide somewhere, away from them, if it could not beat them, and it only needed to get on one of their worlds, where it could start to reproduce other members of its species and take control of their worlds, and build its new empire.


The Deadliest Treasure
(From the novel The Alien Artifact 4)

The sounds had initially been astonishing! Now they had gone beyond, and were mind-bending! They came screaming up through the shaft with a dangerous fury that stunned Pendleton, and no matter how he tried to shake it off and contemplate identities his thoughts never altered or formed stable recognitions.
Clouds of powdered dirt and stone swirled about through beams of lights from the above lights as he released some more rope, edging him downwards, seeking to get hold of the treasure.
The Second World War was still going, but just about over, and Pendleton realized that he had avoided being killed after all, and wondered if he was going to be killed here instead, and was unsure what was worse.
He groaned and dangled about on his rope, and grabbed hold of part of a castle boulder, while glimpsing parts of the shaft above, wondering if he could have wangled his way out of it. But it was not really them and he really wanted to do it, and he wanted to explore the castle shaft. He had always wanted to explore and discover something new of value and greatness, and perhaps even be remembered in history.
What interested and terrified them was why the treasure was hidden in such a place with such occurrences!
What was it they were dealing with anyway? Why was it there in such a far out place? Was the stuff protected by something?
Something of unfathomable unidentifiable supernatural nature sounded as though it were under the castle, in some form of magnetic field or energy field, trapped or trying to free itself from something, ultimately escaping to another location of liberty, and he tried imagining some form of spirit trapped there every night for hundreds of years, perhaps in an ancient dungeon. Yet again even that could not explain it, or anything!
“Have you found if it’s down there?” Henrik shouted down, in a combination of extreme annoyance and confusion, with a way that gave Pendleton the impression that the two archaeologists up above might be on the edge of considering doing something extreme, and beyond their normal. Though Norgrove, the other archaeologist, gave him the impression that he had waited all his life to be here!
He again started to realize the implications of the find and that they would have to check what was there, no matter what.
He quickly shouted up: “You investigated all these walls?”
“Yes!” Norgrove replied. “We used all the best equipment.”
“We’re the only ones here and that know about it?” he replied, still trying to find out more about what was happening, and they were allowing him to know. Basically it was just them three there at the great old immense haunted castle, buried away in the wood, at the location that they had traced the treasure to.
Yet they could have left the task until the morning but they could not wait. They had waited too long and had gone too far to get their hands on it, and he just wanted to get it.
What the hell difference did it make if it was morning or night? It was dark there in the tunnel at both times!
He wondered why the lights were above, and why he never had one, and shouted up, “Are you two coming down here or what?”
The two archeologists shifted into the shaft and made their way down, with the lights, and he observed them, and realized why they had not given him a light, and that he was like a worm on a fishing line, and there to check what the score was. The two also had trouble climbing in and down, and were overweight and bulky, and he was better at climbing than they were. They would have a hard time getting back up again! And he even wondered if they would camp the night at the bottom or something, if they were too tired and sleepy, which made him gasp again when he thought about it, and he lodged his boot into a gap between two of the boulders, to rest his tired body.
“What did they find out?” he muttered, mainly to himself, and wondered what he was missing again.
“There are other small shafts running through here ...” Henrik called down, dangling overhead, who had stopped to examine a small hole in the shaft, he had missed in the darkness there.
“Ventilation shafts that connect together,” Norgrove continued. “They must run through most of the building.”
“I agree! I’m sure they are for an ancient ventilation ...” Henrik continued, sticking his head up close, and shining his light in the hole and looking along it.
“What else could it be?” Pendleton asked.
“They could have been used to build it ...” Henrik replied, moving away, looking for something else.
Pendleton wondered how high up they were, as the height of the castle was immense, and they had been on the top floor, and they never knew how far underground it went, and the blackness there looked like an abyss.
The height of the castle was incredible, as well as the length being massive with rooms and corridors going out everywhere, especially with there being no proper lighting, and he had not thought such a construction was possible at the date that they had given. It was also unbelievable that somebody had managed to ship the thing over to America, and when it must have happened, in such large sections and fit them together.
How could people spend so much on such things and leave them derelict, out in such desolate woods? Why had it not even been put out in the open for everyone to see?
Pendleton gasped as he recalled the legends and what had already happened, and wondered if this would be his death, in a death or glory situation.
For a moment he wondered if it had actually come from Transylvania and had vampires, and realized that if it were at least he would be still around as a vampire. At times he had thought it had similarities to castles over there.
“So are we going down ...?” Henrik asked firmly, watching Pendleton’s peculiar expressions in his light, from overhead.
“You could send down a camera with a light attached?” Norgrove moaned sarcastically, and Pendleton started to move off from the wall where he was resting against, and prepared himself, and took glances at what was below as he started going down, but even with the lights being closer it never revealed anything new.
The rope suddenly started swaying and vibrating furiously, giving the impression that Henrik was frantically doing something against Pendleton’s rope, and he glanced up and realized Henrik was climbing up for some reason, and he gasped when he realized Norgrove’s face was frantic and that the two were actually desperately trying to escape from there, almost slipping trying to climb up, which amused him for a moment, bewildered at their sudden change of attitude.
As he tried to see what was going on he noticed that light across his front was not coming downwards from them but shining upwards from something below, and his eyes fixed onto a strange orb of light floating upwards.
“Get me out of here!” Henrik hollered, making Pendleton shudder and try to escape for his life.
Pendleton even thought of removing his harness and plunging down, and perhaps allowing him to have the fate of dying on the ground below, and having a normal human death.
With a loud thud Norgrove came crashing down to his original position after slipping, and clouds of gray dust flew up and blinded Pendleton as it went into his face and lungs, and he went crashing into the wall.
He groaned and dangled about on the rope, glimpsing parts of the shaft around him, mentally exhausted, needing sleep, allowing himself just to go into sleep state, wondering if he could somehow wangle his way out of it. But it was not a matter of persuading himself of anything, it was really happening, and he wished what was going to happen would just happen.
If he had only known all those years ago what would end up happing, he would have forced himself to forget about such ventures.
Sounds were now screaming out at him and he realized how loud they had become, from the abyss below, as if a gateway into hell were there, with him suspended over it on a thin rope, spinning endlessly, waiting to descend into its hideous reaches.
How had they managed to talk him into this? One minute they had been chasing treasure and the next a castle mysteriously appears into it, and he had been dumped with their theories, and then with the shaft.
He jerked, startled, hearing a sort of scream, almost human but somehow different, as though out of a distant strange place, and he visualized it out in space, in blackness.
There were traces of rotted vegetation floating in the light coming down from overhead, as they still continued to climb out.
Some of the blocks of stone about him resembled the stones in Egyptian pyramids. They were strange things to use to build, but they were hard to penetrate, and needed in a good castle.
He realized sounds were now not emerging from under him but coming were from somewhere above, and then they started emerging about him and he listened intensely with confusion.
Sounds manifested everywhere as though invisible creatures were surrounding them, and strange glowing and swirling forces formed and went about them and telepathic figures like spirits with shrouds swirled about it, wailing and screaming, and he partially entered a dream state, and as it increased he believed he was holding onto reality.
A bright explosion of colors exploded out making him come to, and realized the thing below him had reached him and he opened his eyes wide and examined his surroundings and saw that he was no longer in the shaft, and dazed and confusedly he examined his surroundings and an immense whirlpool of shifting outlines magically shifted by, and he studied everything and realized that he had no body or proper presence and was some form of energy formation shifting around with other similar formations, and that he was swirling out into a vortex of reshaping energy patterns that replaced reality, with transforming elements altering to something that he could not recognize.
If he had died and gone into the afterlife why was it so strange? Why it was there mesmerized him! Was he classified as being anything? Where was it? Reality was no more than magically spinning patterns and he wondered how worse the situation could get, realizing that he could be trapped there for all eternity!


The Transcendent Voyager

For billions of years the transcendent voyager had existed never wholly knowing what had created it or where it had originated, carrying out its mission of searching through time and space in its universe for abnormalities, unknown civilizations and species, and transcendent entities with colossal powers and capabilities and to destroy them if they were dangerous to reality and what its programming considered dangerous.
It had been designed and given technology beyond anything else that it had encountered and had the abilities to search its universe in a degree and with abilities that would not have been believed to exist by the most advanced transcendences and civilizations, and would have been thought of as magical powers, and it had the ability to search its universe throughout time.
Its form had been an invisible complex mass of energy, stored in many dimensions, that had been built to last forever, and it directly entered stars to energize itself and store its vast powers for extensive amounts of time.
Its stores of information had been vast and it had the ability to collect as much information on what it had been programmed for eternally and improve its defenses and other abilities, and it had become the ultimate weapon of destruction against the destruction of its universe.
It had stored the technology and abilities of zillions of species and had the ability to recognize and handle what it had been searching for within a range of its universe.
At one point it had unintentionally left the universe and had entered an outer universe that it had not known the existence of, where colossal amounts of universes had existed, and on its entrance there its programming had accepted it as the real universe and that it had to accept it as the universe that it had to carry out its mission in.
At first it had been unable to enter the universes and properly detect anything in them and it used all its information and studied how it had entered the outer universe and found a way to enter them and locate particular things in them, but infinite amounts of things of unknown origins existed in them.
In supernatural universes it had learned to open and use gateways that shifted it accurately to destinations. It discovered far more than it had ever realized could exist and it gave itself colossal magical abilities and energies and it had analyzed everything in a greater degree.
On its first entrances to the universes it had been left staggered when it had encountered something of unknown origins that had drained its energy from it!
Something had virtually absorbed all its power instantly on its entrance of the Earth’s atmosphere, only leaving it with some of its energy in other dimensions, which it had not considered possible as it had not been possible in its own universe, and it could not get proper amounts of power in other dimensions and had to fight to survive and had continuously tried to alter and adapt to something that it could survive as, and it had to create dormant states and ways of collecting energy from small sources and storing it until it had enough to reactivate itself, and work on finding a source powerful enough for it to use to leave there.
Even though it had not done much in its damaged condition, with its vast abilities virtually unusable, it had been able to explore things through supernatural gateways into universes, going out into the strangest places, and it had even considered if there had been others such as it in the endless universes and if they had created it, and if it could contact them to help it, and it had gained abilities to explore inconceivable dimensions and powers in the universes, far beyond its original knowledge and powers.
The humans had helped it and it had used its powers to help them and it had created things for them, including defenses and entities to protect them, and it had created things to hide itself away, even though it had almost damaged itself by splitting itself into two halves.
The humans had become far more advanced and it had been surprised that they had actually found a way for it to restore itself! 
On entering the outer universes it had repaired itself and immediately made sure nothing could drain it of energy again and gave itself abilities to create energy in new ways anywhere, and it altered most of its programming to adapt.
It created colossal supernatural powers, going beyond anything known, and used its magical powers to transform it into something beyond anything that it had ever encountered and it gained powers to build universes, and others, and found far more than it had ever realized could exist and another universe beyond there.


The Interdimensional Extraterrestrial
(From the novel The Alien Artifact 7)

The IE altered its composition as it unsuccessfully tried to leave the confines of the universe, and its shape glowed and vanished into powerful bright explosions of energy, blasting out from its exploding spacecraft, as its fight for survival began.
For the first time in its existence it felt pain and saw death, and its formation constantly altered as it controlled its individual parts to a degree of individual cells, stopping itself being absorbed and destroyed by the colossal infernal.
In horror it felt its destruction but finally a hole formed in the mass of energy, which had been its form of space vehicle it had used to enter this world with, and it grasped the opportunity with all it could muster and formed itself into a flying formation, it had seen in another dimension, and it darted out of the colossal energy into the dark night of the world.
The cold outer world was unrecognizable to it and it was left staggered by its dangers and as it monitored its formation’s fight to repair itself it considered how the occurrence could possibly have occurred, and it felt satisfaction from its body as it completed repairing a major region of damage to it.
It eventually was able to alter to an extraterrestrial humanoid formation, it had intended to alter to on arrival at the Earth, and it gained more of its normal powers, and it managed to adapt to the surrounding environment, and it shifted into the long black shadows of unknown tree formations like a transparent ghost monster lurking around, transforming shapes and appearances in regions of it, and it temporary stopped astounded by the event as it considered what had happened and that it was trapped on a desolate region in a strange universe, in a strange combination of strange dimensions, without any communications to its own universe, without anything else like it being in the surrounding space, and it began to contemplate the real dangers to its survival and eternal life and it began to contemplate how it could survive on the world without its more advanced technology, which it had never been without or even heard of occurring.
Its species was so ancient it could not even believe it had a beginning source! It had been contacted by an unknown form of communication, from the unknown universe, from the strange unknown species of Earth humanoids, and it had been chosen by its species to make contact on behalf of its species, and it too had not fully grasped the extraordinary universe, and some of Earth’s extraordinary technology as it never worked in its universe, and it had been disorientated on its entry to the universe and it had made the fatal mistake of forming its spacecraft into a human space rocket formation in orbit over the Earth and it had been detected and attacked.
It was trapped out on a strange celestial object with unknown new life forms and it realized it had to fight to survive further than it had ever done before and it wondered if it could, and it realized it would be detected on the world and it fought to escape from the vicinity of its exploding spacecraft.
The moon shifted overhead as its monster shape staggered through the small wood, where it had shot into, and it even took comfort in the moon’s existence with its slight familiarity and it resembling a stellar sight in its own universe, and it stopped to examine a life form, and a small black cat shifting towards it!
It had never seen anything like it and it could not explain its existence and it struggled to explain how it functioned and its strangeness grasped its imagination, and it altered its formation to adapt to it and its new environment and it finally took a sample of its blood and reformed its colossal energy formation.
Its strange shaped shadows shifted in the moonlight, probing the cold darkness, and it moved on as it studied everything in its surroundings, expecting hideous encounters, as it fought to return its normal detection senses.
It roamed the wood and it became clear that the life form it had copied affected it far more than it had realized, and it realized it was not just the life form but its own damaged state!
While it propelled itself forward its body adapted its form and repaired damage and formed more powerful and better Earth legs and razor-sharp claws, creature fangs, and thick tentacles formed and expanded from its neck, from creatures it had studied on other worlds in the region of space as it had entered the universe, and while it shifted away head tendrils formed from its ears and they shuddered frantically testing the air for the signs of any life forms and dangers.
Its monstrous cat shapes silhouetted it as it shifted in incredible leaps through trees, further than any Earth creature, and its senses improved and it detected distant human formations near the wood, and it realized that the cat formation had taken its energy from the consumption of other life forms.
Finally the wood ended and strange glowing hills illuminated all around it, stretching out to the rim of the world, as the sun rose below the horizon, and it stopped and watched a glowing spot accelerating across the sky, and a dim radiance illuminated in its surroundings and it detected one of the world’s intelligent species on its own nearby!


The Intelligence Agent

“What do you think that thing under Downing Street is?” Dory immediately asked Cameron, concerned, glaring, as he entered through her front door. “You are the only one to have seen it!”
“I think it’s powerful whatever it is!” Cameron replied, as he jumped into one of her seats, and put his legs up on the arm of the seat. “There’s energy blasting through it!”
She gasped and budged, and slowly studied his face over again, and she studied his clothing.
“What is your job exactly?” he asked, after noticing the way she acted was far different, as if she had another career, which she had not mentioned.
“I’m an intelligence agent!” she confessed.
Cameron gasped, and then realized that it was connected to his career, with the military, and replied, “Were you a soldier like me before you became an agent?”
“I was in the military!”
He thought about it and thought of questioning her about it and what she was really up to, instead of leaving him wondering what the hell was happening and what the future would be.
She offered him a cigarette, and he nodded that he never, and he detected that she wanted to say stuff about things, and asked, “Have you any beer left?”
“No! There is some whisky over there!” she replied firmly, and he rushed over and poured her and him large glasses of it.
Cameron sat down and drank it fast and relaxed and waited for what she had to say.
Someone rang on the phone and she just ignored it to his surprise and wondered who the caller was.
She glanced over and gasped, and examined him looking straight over at her, as if she saw something she did not fully want to see and could not quite grasp and studied him.
He wondered what she was up to and why she had been hiding being an intelligence agent.
“I want to ask you some questions!”
Cameron sat straight up and copied one of the soldiers he had once seen and he waited.
“Why did you join the army, Dave?” she asked, studying him with great confusion and annoyance, while sipping from her glass, and he realized that she never fully liked straight whisky.
“I can’t remember!”
“You can’t remember why you went in the army!” she gasped, blowing out some of the whisky in her mouth, in a spray, covering her dress, and she laughed.
When Cameron offered to clean it, she replied, “I’ll just leave it there for the moment!”
“It was probably the reason many people join up for and to visit places one normally never sees!”
“Really?” she asked, determinedly, trying to do something that he could not quite grasp.
“I have no recollection of anything before I found myself in a pool in a field! So I can’t fully confirm that answer!”
Suddenly it struck him that she was trying to suggest something and he realized he could have done something that he could not have found out about! Then he gasped as he realized his mind was blank in places and he had no real memories of anything of his original self before joining the army!
“Do you think the army did something to me?” he gasped, recalling waking up in the pool of mud in the field, wondering if she had heard of something as an intelligence agent, as they were connected to the military.
He thought of all the things he had heard being used by the military on prisoners and if someone could have done something by accident, and just dumped him in the pool in the field.
She made strange faces, as though in slight pain, and bent over and sat deeper into her seat, and her shoulders bent as she relaxed, and she remained thinking for a few minutes.
“There are many reasons people can lose their memories!” she replied firmly, no longer looking at him, and Cameron was left confused and he realized his goal was still to find out who the hell he was as far as he could!
“I’ve another question!” she quickly asked.
“What the hell did the army originally say it was doing where you were? Surely the military doesn’t need anyone there?”
“We were searching for a killer lion!” he replied, smiling, now amused at it.
“A killer lion was roaming about there?”
“They said that it had escaped from a nearby village circus I think!”
Cameron realized how little parts of his memory had actually returned since then!
“What proof did they give that it existed?”
“Farmers were supposed to have reported seeing the thing to the police! And we were to investigate the incident!”
A shiver ran up his spine as he considered the danger he could have been in out in the field in the pool of mud.
“So what’s your interest in that thing we found under 10 Downing Street?” he replied, recalling that she had a great interest in the object, and he was sure it had been the reason behind her informing him she was an intelligence agent.
“I gave your description to someone and they think it has to be atomic – and could be a weapon!”
“You think someone has an atomic bomb under Downing Street? Yet if they did it must have been put there years ago!”
She shrugged and gasped, and sat back into her seat.
“If you give me the whole story of what is happening I’m sure I can help you!” he asked.
She thought about it and decided to do something and turned on her television and watched it for a few minutes.
“I think I’d better start over again ... From when we first met I was an intelligence agent and helping you?”
“Tell me what happened?” he replied, thinking that he could finally answer some unanswered questions from the past
“The Prime Minister David Cameron, the politician, had a craving for great wealth! One day he was offered far more to do something for someone!
“A group of Germans, descended from top Nazis, met with him one night and asked him to do something for them, to which they would reward him greatly, and he discovered that they never wanted what he normal provided! They had located a German map from the Second World War that was of value to them and they asked for his help to get it, and he agreed to carry out their request.
“They claimed the map was in Downing Street and they told him where it was located, and that it was buried away in a cellar beneath Downing Street, but he never found anything, and one of them persuaded him to take him there and they searched everywhere and still never found anything.
“He was paid for helping them and that was that, but he was so curious and hungry for more action and wealth that he started having people search for information about the cellar to see if he had missed anything and he discovered that there had been another cellar, below the cellar, which had been covered over when the building had been altered, and one night he started looking for the opening and soon found it and started digging the entrance up and eventually had to smash his way through it, and replaced it afterwards, and he searched everywhere in the cellar and found the safe there and finally drilled his way into it, where he found Hess’s treasure map.
“It was found out that the Germans had first heard rumors of the treasure from soldiers from the war, and of it belonging to Rudolf Hess. Some others heard of the map and had flown over to search for the treasure without it! The map was actually officially recorded as being taken from Hess by the army, and that it had not been recognized by them, and it was kept with other stuff that they had taken from him. The map was only recognized as being of value by people who questioned Hess but they had been unable to decipher anything and it had been kept in the safe, and it had been left in the cellar when it was buried away below Downing Street.
“The Prime Minister David Cameron vanished and nobody anywhere had seen him leave in the night, and it was believed that the Germans had kidnapped him, and they were looking everywhere for him, but it was kept a secret, and they even used a bank robbery to find him and gave the police and media a photo of someone with identical looks to find him, and had the police search everywhere for him, and other agencies all joined in.
“The story of the unidentified flying object crashing at where Hess landed emerged and they actually realized where Hess landed could be connected with the map, and they found out about the soldier, which was you, who was there, that looked like him, who was described as having lost his memory.”
“So the army were watching me because they thought I had something to do with it?” Cameron replied.
“Yes!” she replied, smiling. “And they found out you were his twin brother! They have a lot of information missing on what happened and how you lost your memory. They sent you to the London psychiatrist, to get information, who has been trying to cure your memory problem. They are still trying to find out what happened there, how you managed to get the map, and get in the army well before the Prime Minister and then the army arrived at that site!”
“What were the bug creatures that attacked my house though?”
“We do not know! They were witnessed by all your neighbors! They could be connected with the alien crash they believe occurred, which NASA and the US military are investigating! The army was put there to look for any aliens that might have survived the crash, and they originally used the story of there being a dangerous lion there to search for it!
“They now believe the message the IEs, Interdimensional Extraterrestrials, picked up and located this point in the universe, came from Britain and not as thought from the US!”
“Which was why it arrived over this country, and perhaps accurately over where the signal came from!” Cameron replied.
“It was sent by a group of scientists carrying out experiments at a place near Edinburgh with a new form of technology!”
“Was it a confidential experiment project?”
“All the information about it is on the internet!”
“How do you know so much about the alien – if it existed?”
“I was given the information and heard some from other scientific sources.”
“What did it intend to do?”
“On its arrival here it sent out a message, all over the world, which was only fully deciphered a long time after its arrival.”
“What did it say?”
“I haven’t heard anything of it except that it was a reply first contact message!”
“Now besides a lot of unanswered questions we now have the unsolved question of the atomic bomb under Downing Street!”
“Exactly! I have not officially reported it yet, as anything, as it has not been proven to be anything. I’ve been given specialist equipment to check it out! If you’ll help me!”


The Black Sphere

Cameron hit the ground a lot faster and harder than he intended and he almost collapsed! His mind was elsewhere and on the treasure map, and he was gasping at the discovery he had made!
He watched Dory watching him from the above cellar and realized at how concerned she was, and of if the black object near him was an atomic bomb, and he wondered what the hell she was talking about and why he had even suggested it was, and realized that she might not even come down, as she seemed terrified by it, and he wondered why someone would put an atomic bomb beneath Downing Street, and wondered what the hell the thing was anyway and looked over at its mysterious black shape.
His mind soon went back on the treasure map and what he had accidentally realized and that when heated there was writing on it, as after he had been examining it near the safe Dory accidentally put one of her cigarettes on it and writing started showing up on it and he had been able to read all the writing on it by heating it with her lighter, and though German it translated as mentioning the treasure was expensive jewel sets with historical value.
He was sure Hess had intended to give the jewels to someone in exchange for favors, and he knew that Hess intended to visit the Duke of Hamilton, and he wondered if it had been for Britain to surrender in the war with Germany, and if so it could have been of great value!
His mind went straight on the metal box they had found down the well and he recalled the pieces of glass that they had found inside it. Surely if all the metal around the jewels had corroded and the jewels had been in mud long enough they might have turned out looking like glass.
Why had glass been in it? Why was there a metal box there? He had proven that the metal box could have been of German origins and from that era.
It was amazing that they never actually properly checked them in the light of day and it was thrown away!
He pulled himself upright with the help of the rope and released the rope’s tightened grip around his body, and he shivered at the coldness and from his thoughts.
He cleaned dust away from his clothes and casually gave looks around him for anything he might have missed and in the debris, and wondered what the outcome of it would be, and he realized that Dory was now staring down intensely from above, and he had the feeling she would avoid coming down, and wondered how ridicules it was as if it was an atomic bomb she would end up disintegrated and up in the clouds with him, and he wondered if she thought of it as a normal bomb, like one of the bombs that had landed on London during the war, and if it exploded he would be the only one to get it in the chamber, and he waved directly at her and she waved back and smiled.
There was only one object there and the black sphere and an attachment surrounding it, and he was surprised at the actual size of thing and the expense it might have cost, and wondered why he had not noticed, and he walked around it examining it, considering what it could be and what they would have used it for.
Its black material still staggered him with its extraordinary energy pulsating through it, with its pure magnitude, more than anything he had encountered before, and he wondered what the hell it was doing, and who it had to belong to, and he wondered if they had discovered it like the alien object that had crashed in the wood, and it belonged to the government and military, and he shined his torch over it and studied bits of it in detail about it, and slowly examined its perfectly symmetrical black sphere central region for anything.
He analyzed a region with markings and was sure that it activated it in someway and he touched it and it activated it and he wondered why!
The whole sphere opened up and he stood staring at its inside in wonder, wondering what the hell it was! The whole thing and interior was like some fantastic deep sea craft that was so advanced he could not recognize anything. Most of it was black and there were flickering illuminations given off things he could not see, and for some reason he climbed into a type of seat at its center and sat examining what could be controls of some sort and something monitoring its function.
It surely was not a bomb and he considered its function as a flying or space vehicle but could not recognize anything.
He rested motionlessly, staggered at it, sensing something was going to happen, and considered getting out and he heard Dory and its opening shut, enclosing him away from the outside world, and he prepared himself for what could happen!
Echoes of her voice and their last conversations haunted his mind. What the hell had he done? Why had he done it? Surely he could have avoided it!
The thing seemed to turn hyperactive about him and power blasted through it and he prepared himself for something, but he never knew why, and he tried to check its basic function, which he tried over and over to gain proper awareness of. Why was it there and why was it sitting there waiting for someone to get into it and do something?
It had to be a control seat he was in, but where were the controls to alter and deactivate it?
He tried resting and ignoring it and felt sleepy, and casually wondered if he could be trapped there.
When it activated for real he barely noticed anything. His mind was wandering through all the occurrences that had led up to its discovery, and him digging up the floor above, and him finally entering the mysterious chamber.
Energy explosions blasted out across everywhere with so much force that it made his hair stand up and it even seemed to threaten to make space and time unbalanced or destroy it, and he wondered what damage Downing Street above would be subjected to!
An explosion of blinding radiance left him stunned and he firmly shut his eyes but still saw it and he sat back calculating what problems he could face! From its intensity and colossal powers he sat firmly gripping the seat, keeping himself firmly against it, contemplating the dangers and his chances of survival.
It was unbelievable and he wondered why he had even contemplated there not being real danger at one point, and it was his thought of it being an atomic bomb.
He seemed to see glimpses through the object’s shell and saw that it was a perfect black sphere, clearly of highly advanced origins, for whatever it had been designed for, and that the sections that were at the side of the sphere had clearly been left behind somewhere, and he wondered where he was and if the building had entirely vanished.
An immense whirlpool of shifting lines of energy formed and shifted strangely about its exterior and he studied it for a long time, and realized for a moment he never had any body or proper presence, and was something else, and some form of force formation! It was swirling through an outer vortex that replaced his reality with a mind-bending display of something that he could not recognize!
The strange thing was he felt something else was there with him! Something else about him! Something controlling it and what it did! Though it was part of its existence seemed to be somewhere else!
He frequently watched the sphere become entirely invisible and as though he was floating through something, with him invisible, and outside of energy formations, and he occasionally heard the sphere functioning and perhaps doing what it was supposed to.
He realized things that could exist and that it could be controlled by telepathic transmissions and he wondered if it could create visions powerful enough to trick his mind, and he wondered why Dory wanted him to visit it so much!
Silent roars of colossal power blasted out in the back of his thoughts and reality was a blur of swirling lights.
Sickening lurches of the sphere shuddered through him as it located itself at different points in time, making vast leaps right across time, as it vanished and emerged in vast strange and mind-bending regions, emerging about him as though he were floating through places in the past as a ghost, as it checked and searched.
With an accuracy and capacity inconceivable it explored time, and he sensed what it was searching for!
Then startling views of normal space and time appeared everywhere, as the sphere completed its mission, and he lost consciousness as everything appeared and he emerged at a location in the past.


The Final Solution
(From the novel The Alien Artifact 6)

The voyager was tremendous and they had surrounded it with all their equipment, even embedded through the ice below, as they attempted to study it as far as they could. Its powers were immense and it was found to have many other powers existing beyond the universe, in outer dimensions and time zones.
A Russian scientist announced to Willis and Weaver, “We have the technology to communicate with it!”
“I will still have to create a first contact situation mentally with it!” Willis answered firmly. “It is not going to easy!”
“So what’s happening?” Weaver asked, anxiously waiting for a reply to what was occurring, after days of watching them at work, and Willis preparing himself.
“I’ll tell you what I know!” Willis stated, wishing Weaver to know what was happening. “It was damaged and the controller/entity crashed it into this world and next to the ice station, mainly due to the transmissions from the equipment and telescope that they have below the station that has been repeatedly transmitting first contact messages throughout the stars for many years! I believe it intended to repair itself or have us do it for it! Even in its dormant state it attempted to revive its voyager! Its energy was also exhausted, and it crashed deliberately, where it believed if it was not helped either that it would be revived someday if it remained on a world like this! They would find a way to revive it or something!
“It chose me and in its dormant state had shown me what had happened to it, but it had been unsuccessful in what it had intended to do. 
“It chose to allow one of the Russians to make another contact attempt to check if it had missed something in its dormant state and it was unsuccessful again, and it had rewarded him with what he had wanted and an ultimate weapon that could win world wars.
“It could not use him or me in the state we are in! It could not alter us without killing us! It is far too weak to think properly and control the voyager and needs an altered human that will be able to do what it wants, and I believe that it has enough energy to get to a powerful energy source to revive its energy supplies and its own energy and repair itself.”
“Did you get that from it?”
“I got most of it through communications and from experiences with it! I am ready and I am going to persuade it to take me aboard again!”
Willis rested and concentrated on thoughts that he had accumulated and moved near the voyager, and where the entrance was located, and they all watched the entrance hole appear and they fitted a ramp under it and he climbed up into it.
Weaver gasped and felt something from somewhere like something incredible was about to take place.
“I believe that what’s active now is the equivalent to our subconscious mind!” a scientist announced from Weaver’s side, sitting at some equipment monitoring what was happening. “While it is in a type of sleep or suspended animation, which carries out various functions for it.”
Weaver was left confused in what Willis intended to do and started to see the problem in more depth, and it might not work.
“I am picking up communication thoughts from it!” the scientist announced. “I believe that he is persuading it to make a copy of him for some reason! No! He wants it to make an altered version of him that can carry out what it wants! It has accepted it and is creating the copy!”
Weaver watched all the scientists stop work all around the voyager, waiting for something to happen!


Colossal explosions of energy blasted out with so much force that they threatened to start doing damage to the physical universe, and he imagined space and time becoming unbalanced and warped, and he wondered what damage the world could be subjected to!
Echoes of conversations haunted his mind as he considered why they had not moved away when they had activated it!
The vast powers surrounding them were staggering and Weaver wondered why he had not considered the entity as being dangerous and he felt sorry for Willis and wondered if he could escape alive, and he contemplated the dangers and his chances of survival!
The voyager had formed a perfect energy form of itself, clearly of transcendent origins, and pulsated in the center of the cavity, as all the scientists sheltered around the rim of the cavity, and he wondered why nobody attempted to try to make it to the doorway into the Russian base, and looked there and saw people near there were rushing there.
An immense whirlpool of energy lines magically began shifting around it like the rings around Saturn, and he studied it for a long time and realized that it had no proper presence there any longer and was some form of force formation, while the rest remained in other dimensions! There were signs of the vortex reshaping by its energy patterns!
The voyager frequently turned visible in a translucent energy state, and he heard it functioning, and he had sensations and visualizations of the depths of the universe.
Everything around him seemed to alter into a mind-bending dream of altering displacements as the voyager completed its mission, and he felt dizzy as everything transformed and the voyager vanished, leaving emptiness and a massive empty cavity.
For a moment he had a weird sensation about something happening, and he saw Willis walking calmly up towards them, along the cavity edge.
He watched some scientists nearby calibrating their equipment and anxiously checking what their equipment had recorded!
All the scientists there seemed to realize that it had worked and that it had achieved its mission!
“What happened?” he immediately asked Willis as he arrived at where they were. “Did it fully work?”
Willis smiled brightly, and replied, “Yes! It has returned to where it came from!”
“Wherever that is?” Weaver gasped, and felt deep excitement!
He realized he had survived it, and the most dangerous mission he had undertaken so far, and at the bottom of his pocket he felt the two parts of the alien sphere, where the microfilm had been, and he wondered if they noticed! The material was the material the voyager had been made of and the indestructible material, and he considered what value it would have if they recreated it!


The Particle Accelerator Gateway
(From the novel The Alien Artifact 6)

Weaver had hunted through complex computer data on the origins of the voyager for what must have been hours until they had detected his presence, and he was sure they had only allowed him to live to explain how he had got there!
To his surprise he had been put in a cell at the moonbase with Lucas, and he realized that he had completed the mission of locating Lucas on the moon!
Lucas looked ragged and had been trapped in the cell on his own for a long time! Grunts and sounds Lucas gave took strange tones about the strange underground low gravity cell, and Weaver could scarcely believe that he was the leading scientist!
Weaver had to strain his eyes to see him in the dimness, while he considered what he had, and he decided to try to solve his accumulated queries and he started by giving him information on himself, and he finally asked what he had on the voyager!
“Its origins are not an alien source!” Lucas announced, biting his lower lip hard.
Weaver wondered if he was giving facts or theorizing, and swiftly replied, “How did you find out?”
“They questioned me and I gave them my identity! They checked up on me! They trust me now and reveal confidential information! But they are not letting me go as I know too much!”
He clearly was not positive if they would allow him to survive, and they were clearly waiting for something to happen!
“From what origins is the voyager?” he asked firmly.
“Its origins are you!”
Weaver gasped and immediately laughed out loud, seeing he was being comical!
“It originates from you!”
Weaver thought he had either gone mad or he had after being hit on the head.
“The material that object you call a voyager is in fact the material that you discovered at Ice Station X1. You gave them the alien sphere of the indestructible material, which the alien voyager there was made of, which had a microfilm in, and they managed to find out how to make it!”
Weaver gasped and recalled the alien sphere, and him handing it over to his military intelligence agency, and that it had been the only object that they had left from the alien voyager!
“They discovered how to make it then! But how did they manage to build a replica of the voyager?”
“They never! They used it for something else!”
Weaver could not understand, and recalled wondering if they could in fact use it and of what use it would be!
“That object you call a voyager was an earlier experimental version!”
“Of what?”
“You have been in Moonbase X1 and Moonbase X2?”
“Yes! They told you!”
“Well, this is Moonbase X3!”
Weaver realized that they had actually built three, and wondered what the hell they were playing at!
“What was it built for?” he moaned.
“All three were originally built for research, for scientists and laboratories, many years ago! Each was to research the moon and things in low gravity in different ways. Moonbase X1 has the lowest confidential clearance, and X2 the next, and Moonbase X3 is the most classified! Only the most secretive experiments and technologies are used here! Usually for the military! Most of its research is to this day still highly classified!”
Lucas rested against a wall and put his feet up on a chair in front of him.
“They were given the particle accelerator projects years back, and they have been brought back to life with all the discoveries that they have been producing!”
“What has that voyager object to do with particle accelerators?”
“The first created a time warp, which they managed to trap in a magnetic field, in a spherical chamber. The second moonbase created forms of black holes, and built up a form of black hole in a magnetic field, in a spherical chamber. But they were unable to make the time warp or black hole do anything for them!”
“Well, they have been carrying out experiments here with that voyager shaped object, with its indestructible material, and have been detonating their most advanced and classified mass destruction explosions in its sealed interior! To test and discover the outcome! Their past experiments of confining such explosions have not been altogether successful until now, and they have been blasting holes out of space and time with it!”
“What did they find?”
“Their research was incredible! But it was useless because when they used the process of opening the object the gateways kept closing! But they managed to get the information that they wanted!”
“Which was?”
“They used it to create a smaller spherical chamber, made from the indestructible material, and they entered the time warp they created, trapped in its magnetic field spherical chamber, and the black hole, trapped in its magnetic field spherical chamber, and their best bomb, and they sealed it shut, and they have blasted one of their explosions inside it!”
“What the hell would that do?” Weaver gasped, wondering if they could blow the whole moon up.
“I am not entirely sure as they have just completed it! But they definitely have something! They are all at work there now, monitoring everything, and checking what’s inside!”
“What do you think they have?”
“We’ll soon know as they are about to open the sphere!”


Particle Accelerator X3

The guards allowed Weaver to enter the colossal Particle Accelerator X3 chamber on his own, and again he wondered why the scientists wanted them to bring him there, and he staggered in with his mouth wide open.
The black sphere was colossal and rested behind the central region, where it had been built, and was surrounded by so much equipment he could not recognize anything!
The black sphere was clearly the advanced spherical chamber, made out of the indestructible material, and he was positive that they had not opened it yet, and gasped as he saw all the thousands of scientists, in laboratories going around the edge of the cavity, all monitoring and working with equipment, clearly gagging over it, and the opening of it, and he sensed it would be soon and that he was brought there to watch it being opened, for some reason he could not comprehend!
To his surprise he recognized many of the scientists from the other moonbase particle accelerators!
He recalled Lucas’s last words and him telling him that it had been a secret military group there who had been killing people to stop their secrets being taken and the Russians had not got a thing!
He had always wondered how far they would go to stop their stuff falling into the wrong hands, and he realized that it had to be someone behind the project who had ordered it, and he wondered if they were a renegade group!
He was taken over and into the main laboratory, where all the main scientists and people behind the project were standing behind a window, made of a powerful bombproof translucent material, and the guards left, and he watched everyone in the chamber with the sphere enter the laboratories, and they lowered an immense black dome screen from the roof, made of the indestructible material, and it was put around the black sphere.
When he turned he saw the colossal laboratory further in, and the hundreds of scientists working away there and his opinion of there changed, as they surely were not what he thought they were! Yet what were they up to?
The abnormal antics of many scientists captivated him more and more – again mystifying him with the depth of their nervousness, and fear! They repetitively studied everything around them, and with alarm, preparing themselves, and he realized how dangerous the opening of the black sphere was, but he could not fully grasp it as he had not been told enough! 
What would the most powerful explosion known to man do inside a confined sphere of indestructible material and enclosed with a time warp and a black hole? All he had from passed experiments of blasting the explosion in the indestructible material was it blasted holes in space and time! Yet could it create a proper black hole? Were they actually carrying out black hole experiments?
He wondered again why it was really being carried out there, on the moon! Was it so dangerous it could destroy the Earth? Was it the ultimate weapon? And what did they want with it? Perhaps an answer to a future war with an ultimate alien race!
It confused him and they had not come out with anything to properly explain anything or what it would form!
In seconds he and everything about him flew into the air and landed on the floor, as an explosion blasted through the ground, and he watched it smash through the laboratory, smashing things and sending scientists crashing all over the place!
Many scientists rushed back to equipment and started fixing equipment back in place and started monitoring what had occurred outside in the dome, and soon announced that the black sphere had been opened, and again Weaver realized the dangers!
To the horror of some scientists about his front the massive protective dome of indestructible material was slowly lifted, and he wondered what would have happened if they had not put it around it!
At first he believed that it was a black hole when the dome rose, but then he knew it was something else, and gasped and wondered what they were all creating and had been covering up!
He recognized some of the leading scientists nearby and listened to them intensely but all they gave him was that they were going to carry out a series of basic experiments on it.
Scientists went around monitors in groups checking the results of things being showed, and he studied inside the chamber and followed the glares of the scientists to their smashed equipment there, and realized that they had actually compensated for it and they had expected something to occur!
What he saw of what it had created resembled a perfectly spherical black hole at first, but a clearer view had emerged and showed that it was far more, and more complex!
A powerful magnetic field was suspending it from inside its chamber of indestructible material, but not firmly as it shifted wildly in places, and he studied all the scientists standing in a line about the front of him now, and studied their blank faces and tried to grasp what they were thinking and studying.
When he moved beside them he shuddered as he heard and felt the shudders of its tremendous forces and watched the power of it on objects all over the place, as though it could destroy anything put against it, and he watched the way objects close to it kept altering from one reaction to another, being manipulated in many different ways, as many forces played around.
A larger audience formed behind him that baffled him with accounts of the discovery of things at their equipment, as they avoided giving detailed information, and he knew much was missing as most of the equipment in the black dome had been destroyed, even though they had compensated for that!
Many of them were leading scientists and the discovery was the climax to many years of work, and the atmosphere there was unbelievable, and as though they were waiting for something else of unbelievable magnitude and danger to occur!
He sensed that most accepted him as being part of them, and he felt a shiver run through him as he sensed again something was going to occur and he sensed that he was there for a reason! The thing looked entirely deadly and pulsating with energy, and looked and sounded on the brink of something, and he even considered if it was some form of life!
One outsider scientist he noticed sat confused and in a seat behind him examining things, considering what had happened and was occurring, and perhaps why they had not told them much.
Weaver at times studied the shape of the black central region of the black hole form as it altered to something, and after along time of carefully examinations he thought he saw it do something to itself, in some form.
It was powerful and deadly, and looked like some form of freak of nature, and he watched many of the scientists start to enter the chamber through the door, trusting in the powerful magnetic field surrounding it to hold it and its forces confided, and he watched them start taking in equipment and arranging it around it, and he gasped and wondered what they were dealing with, and for a moment thought he saw it shift in its reactions!
Yet they knew what they were doing and had worked on the project and similar objects, and were top scientists in their fields!
Some scientists went to the edge of where its proper reactions were occurring, and where the magnetic field’s influence reached, and moved equipment there, and he watched one leave a highly advanced atomic clock and shifted it into the object’s field using a robotic device, and the scientists reacted immediately when they noticed results and concluded that its precision digital numbers were being influenced, with it altering time, and they studied the clock’s altering shape, as its matter was altered, and other alterations in space and time occurred, while its many forces played around, and he watched all the phenomena that occurred with amazement, as one influence after another occurred, and many played at the one time.
It was as if the universe there had gone crazy and into chaos, and it was trying to alter itself back to reality and stability!
Famous scientists filmed it and what might be an incredible unique historic occurrence and discovery! Proving their theories of many things! 
The scientists occasionally gave detailed explanations of what they were doing and believed was occurring, and one finally explained its formation and Weaver listened intensely trying to grasp what he could, as he explained, and realized that they might not fully know what they were confronting! He finally saw their point and that what they knew could easily be wrong, as they had experimented little and had few precise facts so far! It was a mistake saying anything until they had seen the outcome of what they collected!
Weaver gasped at the findings they gave, and accepted that they were in the same situation on needing more findings!
New leading scientists arrived about it and were allowed to investigate it and they crowded around it loudly discussing it, and they applauded it and announced it was the first discover of its kind, and gateway to the stars, and Weaver stood staggered, as they explained their project of building it and building a wormhole, and they intended to use it to explore the universe.
The audience wildly applauded them, and he knew they had invented a stargate, and they intended to use it to go to the unexplored stars.
Many of them talked about working with it and carrying out numerous basic and complex experiments and that they intended then to send in a probe, and they showed detailed information had been accumulated!
As Weaver stood next to where its forces reached, considering how a probe could possibly return or send information, he realized that he felt a draft or air being sucked away and he felt something emerging from its confines and grasp him, as though crawling out, and he felt himself vanish into its confines!


The Gateway

The black sphere in the Particle Accelerator X3 chamber vanished behind Weaver as he hurtled out the universe!
Startled cries and last conversations of scientists swirled through his thoughts, and taunted! Surely they had not used him deliberately! He could not give a proper scientific account, if he survived, and a new probe should be found!
Explosions of radiance of powerful stars exploded through the wormhole stunning him, and he started spinning, and a colossal whirlpool of lines of light magically formed, and he studied it for a long time and realized that he had no proper bodily presence, and he slowly lost consciousness.
He came to startled and realizing that he was accelerating through the wormhole at hyper speed, and realized that streaks of light shooting passed him were powerful outer suns!
It was a gateway but there was no exit point and he could not guess what hideous place he could be thrown out! Would he be smashed into particles or disintegrated into nothing by being thrown out of something like a black hole?
How worse could the situation get? He could be trapped there for eternity wishing he had died!
A black blur emerged ahead in a central region of stars and drew his attention, and he started to recognize detail in it, as it grew and he shifted into it, and when near it he saw magnificent distant stars brightly shining in its depths.
More powerful stars appeared near him and spectacular white beams exploded out and he realized the tremendous speed that he was traveling at!
The outer universe was appearing and expanding all across his front, and he was shooting into it!
The stars were dazzling, which he could not recognize! They filled space everywhere, and he was staggered that they could even exist in their states!
A form like a black hole stretched out across space all around his front and he wondered where he was being thrown out, and something suddenly altered!
He sensed something! Something of ancient origins existed there! Its existence was all about him but he had no proper awareness of what! He perceived that he was being transported to another destination, and that something was happening before he fully entered the universe, where he would have taken human form and would have suffocated in space, and he believed that he had entered another gateway and that he was being transported away to another destination.
The gateway had been advanced into something else and he studied it shifting him around locations of space, and an explosion of movement left him stunned but still firmly believing in its safety, and he felt as though he was in something this time, and that before he had been hurtling uncontrollably through an uncontrolled gateway.
Again he felt something alter and that he had reached another far more advanced gateway, which was not as ancient and was far more advanced, and in vast leaps across the universe he was instantaneously emerged and relocated, appearing in vast strange and mind-bending star regions, emerging about him as though he were floating through them, and he studied bright glowing star constellations, and with mind-boggling powers, with an accuracy and capacity inconceivable, it located a point in the universe, and he sensed something strange, and it completed its voyage!