The Black Hole Accelerator



CHAPTER 1  Moonbase X1
CHAPTER 2  The Secret Moon Mission
CHAPTER 3  The Moon Battle
CHAPTER 4  The Secret Moonbase
CHAPTER 5  The Investigation
CHAPTER 6  The Time Warp
CHAPTER 7  The Moonbase Bar
CHAPTER 8  Moonbase X2
CHAPTER 9  The Particle Accelerator Black Hole
CHAPTER 10  The Morning After
CHAPTER 11  The Search for Lucas
CHAPTER 12  The Particle Accelerator Gateway
CHAPTER 13  Particle Accelerator X3
CHAPTER 14  The Gateway
CHAPTER 15  The Stars
CHAPTER 16  The Transcendents


The Gateway

The black sphere in the Particle Accelerator X3 chamber vanished behind Weaver as he hurtled out the universe!
Startled cries and last conversations of scientists swirled through his thoughts, and taunted! Surely they had not used him deliberately! He could not give a proper scientific account, if he survived, and a new probe should be found!
Explosions of radiance of powerful stars exploded through the wormhole stunning him, and he started spinning, and a colossal whirlpool of lines of light magically formed, and he studied it for a long time and realized that he had no proper bodily presence, and he slowly lost consciousness.
He came to startled and realizing that he was accelerating through the wormhole at hyper speed, and realized that streaks of light shooting passed him were powerful outer suns!
It was a gateway but there was no exit point and he could not guess what hideous place he could be thrown out! Would he be smashed into particles or disintegrated into nothing by being thrown out of something like a black hole?
How worse could the situation get? He could be trapped there for eternity wishing he had died!
A black blur emerged ahead in a central region of stars and drew his attention, and he started to recognize detail in it, as it grew and he shifted into it, and when near it he saw magnificent distant stars brightly shining in its depths.
More powerful stars appeared near him and spectacular white beams exploded out and he realized the tremendous speed that he was traveling at!
The outer universe was appearing and expanding all across his front, and he was shooting into it!
The stars were dazzling, which he could not recognize! They filled space everywhere, and he was staggered that they could even exist in their states!
A form like a black hole stretched out across space all around his front and he wondered where he was being thrown out, and something suddenly altered!
He sensed something! Something of ancient origins existed there! Its existence was all about him but he had no proper awareness of what! He perceived that he was being transported to another destination, and that something was happening before he fully entered the universe, where he would have taken human form and would have suffocated in space, and he believed that he had entered another gateway and that he was being transported away to another destination.
The gateway had been advanced into something else and he studied it shifting him around locations of space, and an explosion of movement left him stunned but still firmly believing in its safety, and he felt as though he was in something this time, and that before he had been hurtling uncontrollably through an uncontrolled gateway.
Again he felt something alter and that he had reached another far more advanced gateway, which was not as ancient and was far more advanced, and in vast leaps across the universe he was instantaneously emerged and relocated, appearing in vast strange and mind-bending star regions, emerging about him as though he were floating through them, and he studied bright glowing star constellations, and with mind-boggling powers, with an accuracy and capacity inconceivable, it located a point in the universe, and he sensed something strange, and it completed its voyage!




Moonbase X1

The explosion from the missile was tremendous and smashed Lucas’s space vehicle to wreckage and sent it somersaulting across the surface of the moon!
When he became conscious afterwards he was in complete darkness and felt only metal and moondust beneath his glove, and he realized that his spacesuit still had oxygen. Ever bone in his body had to be smashed by the impact or the crash afterwards and he was surely nearly dead!
The shattering tumble had surely smashed his body beyond recovery and recognition!
Whoever fired the missile and smashed the vehicle would soon check it and that he had been killed!
Whoever was after him had to be crazy beyond anyone he had ever met and out for the kill, and surely stupid for doing it at such a place! He could not visualize who was there and just accepted that they might be trying to kill him for being a leading scientist at Moonbase X1!
He remained confused at who could do it! He had not even known that there was anyone else on the moon! Someone had just destroyed an expensive American military space vehicle at a confidential hidden American moonbase!
The lifeless sky through a gap in the remains of the vehicle showed him stars and where he was trapped below the wreckage, and the strange surrounding darkness was so peculiar and empty that he was sure that death was due, and he imagined himself at the outer limits of the universe, at the most distant point!
He moved and saw the Earth and was amazed that it was actually there, at the only small gap and view of the outer universe, as though there as a reminder that he should be there instead of being on the moon, and he considered leaving there if he survived!
The pain was now little and he started wonder why, and he started to check his surroundings by feeling around him and felt objects from all over the overturned vehicle about him, and he started feeling his body and at the places where he had been hit! The spacesuit had worked and had withstood taking any damage, and there was no loss of air!
At first he thought it was exaggerated as there had to be some damage to his body, but after a short while of checking he realized that he had been lucky and had actually avoided being another victim of the moon.
He felt around where he remembered there was a small light, and he switched it on, and was surprised that the interior about him looked far different now and he took a little time examining objects about him, coming familiar with everything again.
It was odd he was alone on the moon himself in darkness!
Once he started moving about he speeded up checking his limbs for superficial damage and if he had damaged the use of his legs, and realized his body was only sore.
His survey of the vehicle showed it to be beyond repair, which he had known, but what left him staggered was there was no way to communicate with the moonbase and all the communication equipment was damaged!
Surely someone at the moonbase would check up on him and realize that something had happened to his vehicle if there was no response from it! Yet he knew what they were like there and that they might do it days later! He was miles away from the moonbase, with probably not enough oxygen left to make it back!
He had survived the impact! Yet was he better off, and would he suffer a worse death later by suffocating an agonizing death?
He quickly gathered all the stuff he needed, found a way out of the vehicle, and stood outside it staring out into the strange dark landscape, and at the planet Earth above and its bright radiance over the landscape, thinking of the things that he had intended to do if he returned home.
The sun was below the horizon and all he had was the Earth and the stars!
He moved away as fast as he could towards the moonbase and thought of it as another world! He realized that he had not actually set foot on the moon’s surface and had only been in space vehicles, and he was surprised at how different it was from being in the moonbase, and the vehicle.
It was then that he spotted another vehicle moving around and moved as fast as he could go over to some hills to hide, and moved faster when he spotted missiles on the vehicle.
A high-powered rifle blasted a rock in front of him, with no sound, and he saw the impact and the danger, as it smashed it to pieces, and he saw a rifle sticking out the vehicle.
The surprise was it had more velocity and impact there as there was no air or proper gravity, and he wondered how far the bullet could actually travel.
He dived across mounds of moondust trying to accelerate away, with the spacesuit and low gravity muddling his perspective of movement, and he wondered if the spacesuit could be made to stop a bullet. The strength of its materials was great!
He just managed to get behind a hill as the next bullet arrived.
Whoever was there had to be crazy and determined to kill him!
Surely it had to be someone from the moonbase itself?
He did not recognize the vehicle and never knew there were any missiles there, and wondered what use they would be there!
Once he got behind other hills he started finding different ways to use the low gravity and vast leaps to move fast away.
The moonbase had to be located in the most desolate place! Other countries had barely even put satellites in orbit!
He realized the deadly environment surrounding him again as he studied it. The deadly cold was far lower than anything on the Earth! It made him cringe and blindly rush on through the mind-bending landscape, almost lost, still trying to get back, even though he had to move behind hills to avoid being seen.
He looked around a hill of rocks and saw that they were moving away from him! But he knew that once they never found him and any footprints that they would return to where he had been and trace his movements in the moondust. So he deliberately made it harder for them to trace him by rushing over rock areas and changing his direction.
He knew he had finally hit the ultimate deadly scenario! He never had enough air and was using up more and more, and making it take longer to arrive at the moonbase! And surely they would know where he was heading, and even find some place to wait on him!
He could not even imagine having found a way out of getting out of such a predicament! If he had remained in the vehicle he would have ran out of air.
He increased the brightness of his spacesuit light, avoiding the larger bright light, to see what there was about him, and saw little that he never saw before!
What did these people want? Should he hand himself over to them? Surely they might just keep him as a prisoner? He could offer to give information about the confidential moonbase!
Away behind him he saw some form of explosion blast out from a missile, and knew that they had started following his trail, and he decided to do a form of leaping and jogging to accelerate him forward, as it was all he could do!
Once he started to get tired he started to see the mistake in it, and thought of surrendering, and he suddenly had an idea!
Why could he not attack their vehicle? He knew where they would go and could ambush them! Yet he never had any weapons or anything to do anything.
Yet he was sure he could get on the vehicle without being seen, and there was no sound there!
He recalled a place further back where he had seen two large hills with a small lane between them where he could hide and make it onto the back of the vehicle. So he rushed away over to his side where the other side of the hills was, where he could rush there, and they would not see his prints returning there.
Just carrying it out and thinking of handling the problem sent adrenalin rushing through his veins and he increased his speed, and he was soon rushing along behind the hills, over small rocks on the ground, and he started to examine the rocks on the ground and realized that he had not left any prints that showed where he was going there, and he entered the canyon considering finding a hiding place on the hills.
As he rushed through the canyon he started to examine the rocks and realized that the small rocks on the ground had been cut and that they looked artificially cut and he wondered who would want to do anything there, and what had they had been doing there? What could they be possibly have been doing away out there? Unless it was mining! Or it had been done before the moonbase had been built!
His mind raced through what had occurred and he tried to discover why! For some reason he only realized that the location that he drove into had been a region that nobody at the moonbase went in, and he started to wonder what was there! Was there something hidden away there? And why had they not just found a way to stop him? Instead of destroying an expensive space vehicle, which had a limited quantity!
Why would they go to such lengths to kill him? What could possibly be there? What could be there in such a desolate place?
When he finally ignored it all and left it until later when he found something buried away under rocks in an area at his side, and removed rocks and revealed a metal grid cover, where he saw some moondust starting to be blown up, and he grabbed a handful of dust and threw it over it and was surprised at the power of the flow and the dust blowing away up above him.
He was sure it was air and that something below was blasting vast amounts of it up, and he stood pondering what could be there!
He eventually lifted the metal cover and found a vast tunnel going straight down deep into the moon below, which had clearly been hollowed out with some large powerful machine, which he had not seen there before. Yet he had not checked everything at the moonbase, or how it had been constructed!
He started to see away out of being caught by the vehicle, and having to attack it and at the most stopping it from following him, as they surely had weapons aboard to handle being attacked and he was positive that he now never had enough oxygen to make it back to the moonbase.
Yet who had dug such a tunnel? He then wondered if it belonged to a foreign country that intended to monitor and perhaps destroy the secret research/military station in a distant future war!
With his light turned up he grabbed at its metal ladder going down into the metal pipe tunnel and he rushed into it and swiftly covered the lid over the top, with a pile of rocks and stones that he put over the top, and he slightly shook it and made sure it was covered over above him.
He realized that he could easily climb down, and he started to investigate it, while avoiding being killed! He was sure it had been put there for a reason and that something was just below him! If he could stay there long enough without using up anymore air.
He was positive that the men could not trace him there as he never left footprints leading there, as well as before he had entered the canyon going through the hills, and they would not find him.
Surely they would guard the area around the moonbase for a long time until they knew he definitely had no air supply left and consider him dead!
He swiftly aimed his light downwards and started climbing downwards, as he considered what would be below.
Sounds and echoes mingled through the hollow metal tunnel, going through the blowing air, which grew denser the lower he climbed, and he realized how he missed outer sounds.
The wind below gave haunting whistles and he eventually realized that there was enough air around him to remove his spacesuit helmet and he removed it slowly testing the air and seeing if it was alright and dense enough for him to breathe, with him ready to shove the helmet back on, and he finally with satisfaction turned off the air in his spacesuit and rested.
The air smelt strange and he could not recognize what it was, and he wondered why they had so much of it and were allowing it to blow out, and he pondered what could be below. The depth had to be great as he could not even see the bottom and he had shifted down a large distance.
He was stunned at the dangers that he had been through and realized that he would have to leave the moon and return home, and if they never found the men in the vehicle or proved that they existed they would know that he knew about them and would surely still want him killed, and he wondered what was there that they wanted him dead for!
He had to warn the others about the danger! They were too deadly! They had destroyed an entire space vehicle with a powerful military missile! How would they handle them back at the moonbase if they heard about it and discovered where they were? Would they even be able to handle them? He was not sure the moonbase was designed and had the weapons to carry out anything against them!
No matter how he tried to shake it off and contemplate their identities his thoughts never formed stable recognitions as he had not seen them! And he had little on what was below him and he continued downwards wondering if he had enough air to return to the moonbase and if there was somewhere below where he could increase his air supply!
An area of the tunnel had cracked from something! Perhaps from moonquakes? And he stopped to examine the area where part of the metal tunnel had fallen downwards and left the rock behind it visible, and he examined it with interest, and was amazed at it being different from Earth stone. He pondered what people who knew him would think of it and him being on the moon! None of them even knew of the secret moonbase!
Dust fell down and blew upwards and swirled up and through the beams from his light and his shadow and he continued to climb down, edging down to some unknown destination and future, seeking to discover what was below and how to survive.
He realized that he had avoided being killed after all and wondered if he was going to be killed later, especially when he climbed back out and went outside.
He moved down fast, realizing the mistake he could be making and what could be below, and thought of the trouble he could have getting back to the surface and trying to find the moonbase on the dark strange surface.
He examined how the tunnel had been built with some interest, while glimpsing parts of the shaft above, and was surprised again at how long and expensive what was there must be.
He had always wanted to investigate some great mystery and it had even been one of the reasons he had been in the moon vehicle and was exploring the unexplored region! It had helped lead him into becoming a scientist and to go to such far out desolate locations, and he wanted to explore more. He had wanted to explore and discover new things of value and greatness, and perhaps even be remembered!
What interested him the most was why they had gone to such lengths to kill him, and what the tunnel was doing out there!
What treasures could be hidden away in such regions of the moon, with it being so not properly explored?
What was he dealing with though? Why were they trying to kill him? Were they protecting something that they had hidden?
Something of unfathomable unidentifiable nature was there and he could not grasp it no matter how hard he tried! As nothing he knew was good enough to explain it!
As he lowered himself progressively down he started to realize the depth of it and wondered what the hell he was letting himself in for! He had hardly been out of the moonbase, and had been only fulfilling his fantasy of being on the moon and exploring it, and going by what all the other scientists said and what he saw nobody really went outside! There was no real need, and no real work was required there.
Being on other worlds fascinated him and he wondered what mysteries were hidden out there! They had hardly explored any of the moon and they acted like the whole lot had been checked! His arrival there had been incredible as he had watched the space vehicle landing and the moon surface stretching out.
He was fascinated in its interior and wondered if hollow regions existed in its interior, as he was sure the actual gravity being so low would allow it, and he was sure that they had actually mentioned that the moon’s gravity was lower than it should have been and that it had not been properly checked until it had been landed on, and he believed the only thing that could properly account for it was a large hollow region or regions in it!
There was something not right! Something secretively had been built there and he could not realize why, and why it was being covered up, and he considered if it was the Russian scientists there and the people in the vehicle.
He realized the implications of the discovery and if he was trapped there, and wondered what was below. He had to check what was there, no matter what! He could not let it go, and he had to survive and give the information.
The temperature of the warm air rising increased as he got lower and he wondered what could produce it and how much fuel would be wasted generating it, and how little they used at the moonbase, and wondered how much fuel they would have to bring in to supply it! But they would probably use atomic fuel to power it! But why did they need so much?
The tunnel was incredibly and uniquely drilled and fitted with a metal pipe and made with incredible precision and he knew it had to belong something advanced. What he could not work out was what could be built out there!
He realized again that Moonbase X1 might use underground volcanic activity for a power supply, and heat and air supply, which would explain the vast amounts of warm air below him.
He had not been able to properly explore the moonbase and lower regions because much of it needed a higher confidential clearance, and he had only a lower confidential clearance!
If there was underground volcanic activity there it was an ultimate idea for permanently living there! It would supply everything that they needed! In fact all they needed was water to do that anyway!
He gripped the metal ladder hard and rested and fixed his boot and looked up to the top of the tunnel and saw darkness there now, and looked and listened to what was there, and wondered what would happen if he was caught there.
He considered taking off his spacesuit so he could climb down better, but he would then have to carry it down, and he considered throwing it down the tunnel in a large ball and getting it at the bottom but he could not risk damaging it or allowing it to give him away until he found who or what was there.
A silent thud echoed up from below and eventually he looked down trying to grasp something, and considered putting his light out, but he saw that it was a freak air gust moving something below and tried to guess the distance to where if had come.
When the bottom appeared he stopped and stared in wonder and considered what was in the deep blackness, and considered the incredible trouble he would have climbing out.
He was mainly confused at what would be there and wondered how long his light would last! Its radiance was about the same and he realized how tired his legs had become, with climbing down and running from being killed above!
What would the outcome of it be? Would he even find anything? What could be there? It could have belonged to earlier scientists, checking for something? The moonbase was old and a great deal of research had originally been done on the moon there!
Hazy echoes off his deep breathing broke the extraordinary silence and he examined below as he shifted downwards, and he started to find the warm air getting warmer and he frequently stopped to gasp for air, while dangling about with hideous expectations of plunging into danger!
A distant upper rumble of something blowing air out became hearable and he realized how dangerous the place might become if he met anyone below, and he was left confused!
When he reached the bottom he was too busy focusing on getting there fast to see anything other than the metal floor, and he only looked around when he had got off the metal ladder!
All around him metal tunnels were moving air about, as part of an air system for some sort of underground moonbase and he heard something nearby powerfully blowing out air in one of the tunnels, and he wondered if the ventilation system of Moonbase X1 was the same!
He started crawling along the tunnel, where he had heard something nearby powerfully blowing out air, and he came to a ventilation opening where he saw a room through and he looked for people but never saw anyone or anything!
He continued searching the tunnel and eventually came to an immense place where the air was being produced from a water supply and he realized that they had an underground water supply after all, and boiling water from underground volcanic activity.
He realized that they could be heating ice below and extracting the hot water! But he was sure hot magma was heating the water and they were pumping it out, and he realized why they might have chosen there for a moonbase.
He moved along and entered another tunnel and came to a very large ventilation opening supplying an immense dim structure that he was sure had something, and after seeing that there was nobody about and that it looked like they had not been there for a long time he decided investigate it and carefully removed the cover and climbed out.
In the dim light he saw an immense hall and finally saw a large artificial black object resting in the center, which vanished in the distance, into darkness, and he gasped and examined what he could properly see, and tried to see the roof a hundred feet overhead, and it going higher further in, and he gasped again and wondered what hell he was looking at!
How had they managed to get such a large object and large expensive equipment onto the moon and down to the structure?
They had to have another way into the chamber to bring it in and he realized that he could get out there more easily!
He explored and discovered immense amounts of highly advanced equipment and he examined controls and realized how new most of it was, and he traced cables from it to more equipment and massive lights!
It all seemed centered around and monitoring the immense strange black object at the center of it all. He activated lights and when they brightened the place he was staggered and nearly fell!
The cavity was immense and went into darkness in the distance, but what really staggered him was the immensity of the black object at its center and that it resembled an immense black submarine and he was sure it was a weapon! It was strange as it had no openings and was solid! Yet he believed it was some form of spacecraft or space weapon!
He was staggered and exhausted and could not fully understand what it was as there was not enough proof! They surely could not have put it there? They had to have vast amounts of men and vehicles to build it!
How could anyone have been able to hide and carry out such an operation without being noticed?
He realized that the moonbase could have been built before the other moonbase had been constructed and that it could well have been a hidden part of it at one time! There could be an underground connection! They could get most of their water and air from there! Whatever it was it had to have been even more secretive than it!
It staggered him when he thought of the nature of the moonbase! The place could have been built for atomic warfare!
Could it be an ultimate atomic weapon and doomsday device?
He realized the danger that he was in and he had to get out, and would have to leave fast! It was far too dangerous and he considered if he should have it investigated!
While he wandered up to the deadly black object he wondered how the thing could even lift off! The power behind it had to be colossal and new and highly confidential!
He quickly returned to where he had been and did his best to cover up all the signs that he had been there.
He soon found a small vehicle and sat in it and got ready to drive away. He was amazed at his original thoughts of what was there! It did not add up! What the hell was it doing there?
He scarcely even grasped why the moonbase was situated there! The moon was not near anything! Surely America had enough land and hidden places where it could be hidden? Why was it located away out there where anything could happen!
He shifted the vehicle away slowly getting use to using it while examining the black object and its immense shape, but never saw anything on or in it, or marks of anything, which would have shown it had been welded or had been somehow fitted together!
When he stopped to feel its surface he was surprised that it was some new unknown substance!
There had to be a way into it or something, and he raced along its side gasping at the immensity of it. Now amazed that there was nobody looking after it! How could it have been so hidden away?
The structure was like a gigantic torpedo, and when he reached the furthest point he realized that it was at least quarter of a mile long, and he was astonished!
Was it of military origins? It could have its looks to camouflage the technology and confuse observers? Whatever it was the cost and time behind it proved that it could take warfare to a new level!
An eerie sensation gripped him! Something was not right! He sensed something weird, which he could not recognize!
He found a computer and examined information, looking for answers, and he watched something voyaging through stars, exploring vast unexplored stars, and he realized it was an alien voyager, which had a new form of propulsion, with mind-boggling technology and powers, and had a capacity inconceivable, and was built to travel in deep space!


The Secret Moon Mission

For a moment Weaver thought of them crashing or confronting a deadly scenario! The environment, in and about the space vehicle, was so peculiar he was unsure of anything though, but he had a strange feeling of there being great danger from something!
The military spacecraft descended to Moonbase X1 and the soldiers aboard checked their spacesuits and oxygen supplies, and received updates for their mission from Commander Craven.
Weaver gasped as he looked down at the moon surface and considered what lurked ahead, and the amount of danger he was being put in. Ever since the ice station incident had taken place it seemed like he had a curse put on him, which was them involving him in every deadly incidence about, as they had realized he was now the intelligence agent to do the job and handle the worst occurrences the best! It was a hideous conclusion that he had not accepted could occur! He expected to be promoted or be put in more advanced situations!
All the soldiers who had taken part in the ice station mission had been put on this mission! He gasped again at what had occurred there! Certain things that had occurred interested him greatly though!
None of them had even heard of the secret moonbase, and it had taken some time before they revealed anything of the secret mission details, and they had hardly received anything, and, in fact, they had not fully accepted that they were going to the moon from a secret launch site until they had been put in the space vehicle on the rocket.
There was more action than he could believe! What were the events that they were on the trail of? Were they being intentionally secretive or covering not knowing things enough themselves? What had he let himself in for?
He was to masquerade as one of the soldiers being put in the moonbase and basically find out what was happening there without getting caught, and to take any action if needed!
Sunlight in space blasted through one of the windows blinding them with its intensity in space. The conditions outside were incredible and he never thought that he would confront anything worse than the Antarctic! And he gasped at the temperatures recorded there and at the fact they were above the moon, and alone and away from the Earth! Now and then he had glimpsed the Earth behind them with amazement! It looked far different than described and shown, especially in orbit! He also expected it be slightly flattened at the top and bottom, and it seemed a perfect sphere to him!
So when they finally started landing on the moon, with the rockets blasting out slowing their fall, he was not surprised to see the pilots react and report that there was something wrong!
Weaver automatically gritted his teeth and got ready for what was about to occur!
The moon was large and the landscape startled him, and he could still hardly believe the location below was there, and that he would be trapped there without help if anything happened!
He realized that they had made a mistake already! They had been too keen to enter the mission and they had dropped down a greater distance away from the moonbase than they should have! And he could not even see it and only recognized it from the secret intelligence photos of the highly confidential underground Moonbase X1, buried beneath the lunar dust.
They had given him little and he knew they had little to give! Basically they had little of what was happening and he was to get information and help the soldiers with their work.
He discovered little in what he had been told and really only knew that there were mysterious deaths occurring on the moonbase, and most had been killed by military weapons, and space vehicles destroyed by missiles, and a man named Lucas had vanished on the lunar surface, which was the official reason why the soldiers were sent in to stop, and he was put there by intelligence agencies to find out more.
Nothing added up! Who wanted to kill anyone at such a place? It was basically a military and scientist research moonbase and he could only think that another country was behind it! Yet who had done it and why? There were no known cases like it on record!
Who could profit from it? They clearly would replace the people killed, and what good would it do them? There had to be far more behind it! Surely countries would profit little from it!
He gazed over at where the underground moonbase was embedded in the gray dust and rock with sunlight gleaming over it. The case was important and something had to have occurred!
He recalled the size of it below the ground as he watched the others and was surprised when they announced that they had to land manually on an area below, and that they would have to walk over to it, and he wondered how dangerous it could be!
While it went down he grasped the full dangers and emptiness of walking on the moon, and as they landed he felt a thud and something break on the space vehicle and he rested and considered his chances of survival and gasped!


The Moon Battle

Sunlight exploded out blinding Weaver when he looked directly at the naked sun resting above the lunar landscape, and he studied the bright moon landscape while trying to explain why he had taken such a risky mission, especially after the last!
The entire mission could not have been planned and he sensed that they could not have avoided what had happened!
The moonbase was further away than they anticipated and the moondust was deep in the region they were in, and virtually impossible to get quickly through! He wondered what the place would be like if they had landed there when the sun had been below the horizon. The incident with the spacecraft not landing at the moonbase showed that someone there was against them and perhaps the mission, and he wondered who had access to the vehicle or if they had altered the vehicle’s computer from somewhere else!
When a bullet hit and killed one of the front soldiers, beside him, Weaver was surprised, and realized that someone was directly attacking them on the moon surface!
It was strange as none of them seemed to have the slightest experience of handling such an experience in such a place! The low gravity and large spacesuits hindered their movements and they never had enough experience of moving there properly!
They were lucky there were some small piles of rock to hide behind to the side of them, and they rushed below them as bullets flew into the moondust about them. They were too far away from the moonbase and they never even knew how long it would take them to reach there. The bullets seemed to be off their targets and he was sure they had been unable to fire their weapons properly wearing the spacesuits! The gloves and helmet were hideous and he wondered what the outcome of such a battle would be!
None of them could see who was there and they were hidden at different locations and never moved around, and they were unable to recognize anything about them! It was like an alien world!
Were the gunmen professionals and had planned the whole thing well before they had arrived?
The whole terrain was unfamiliar too everyone and they had the advantage over them! How could they move forward and get to the moonbase without receiving many deaths? And they could not move back as the spacecraft had left and their air supplies would soon run out! They would have to move forward at some point, no matter what!
The temperature there was incredibly low and he considered what would happen if his body came into contact with the outside vacuum, and if it had the effect people had claimed, as he had not heard any accounts of it occurring, and he wondered if the temperature really was as low as claimed and what the effect of that would be.
There was a temperature reading in his spacesuit for inside his spacesuit but nothing for outside it.
It was lucky the place had not been far further! The place was hidden away! It was lucky they had seen it from above and knew the direction.
He even wondered if it was the people from the moonbase actually firing on them! If they had not known of their arrival and the situation there was worse than stated they could believe that they were being attacked!
He considered the most desolate regions he had ever been in, and he even thought there was something missing there that existed on the world. The stars were incredible in space and he watched the bare universe around him, and wondered if there would be any strange sightings.
What was staggering was their enemy was taking on so many professional soldiers! What did they actually intend to do? They surely could not expect to kill the entire group and if they had been informed about them they would have realized how trained they were! Could they be trying to scare them away? It was absurd also as they would have to go there! There was nowhere else out there they could stay, and they surely could get caught!
The mission now seemed flawed! Weaver copied the soldiers about him and started shooting away at them in an attempt to get them to move or do something!
They had a good team of everyone needed to carry out the mission and handle what they could and if they had landed next to the moonbase as planned nothing would have gone wrong!
He wondered if it had been someone on the plane who had landed them there after all?
At times he still could not believe that there was anything out in such a desolate region, and that anything existed there!
They were shrouded in moondust, and he realized again that they would have to go forward. And he considered if they would find his remains there one day, frozen and in an unaltered condition, and end up in a museum.
The gray landscape was untouched by water or life everywhere, and empty and hollow with no sound, and had a deep haunting silence in its environment that went further than any desolate snow landscapes. He was on another world! An empty lost world lost in the depths of space, absent of life, and a dieing world.
What was shocking was how easily they had trapped them?
Could they avoid a large amount of deaths? There was nothing to recognize anywhere, and he watched some of the men attempt to use communication devices to the moonbase to get a vehicle there fast, but they failed and just tried to see if there was anything to pick up on it anywhere!
Another problem was that they had experienced a long sleepy flight and had got easily exhausted wading through the deep dust with the large spacesuits!
It was no surprise that Commander Craven eventually grew angry and made them blast them with as many well aimed rounds to force some form of reaction, but they seemed to ignore it, and he knew that they would have to hit them with something!
“What are we going to do ...?” one of men finally spluttered through his spacesuit communicator, fighting for air, furious that they had been put in such a situation!
“We better agree to something ...” Commander Craven shouted back, giving glances about, realizing the mess of his expedition so far, and decided not to continue.
“We’ve put our foot in it again!” Reeves continued, who was near Weaver, who had become the closest and most trusted person to Weaver.
“We’ll have to do something!” Weaver forced himself to reply, and watched Commander Craven gasp.
“Are you thinking of attacking them directly!” Commander Craven answered finally.
“None of them have shown themselves! So I reckon we could surprise some of them!”
“Dangerous! Good idea! Can you do it without being seen?”
“We can’t stay here all day!” Reeves replied first. “Our air supply is getting low!”
“We’ll go together!” he replied firmly.
Weaver was surprised that they all agreed with it and that they would prefer to die there than die of suffocation!
Deep down Weaver really wanted to know who was there, and capture one and question him.
They all agreed on a plan of action and started fixing themselves up and preparing themselves, and he watched their blank faces examining everything in the distance and at the point where the gunmen were.
They all rushed out and sneaked along covered regions that they would be unseen in, with their guns ready for heavy action!
Weaver wondered why they had stopped firing anyway in amazement! Then when they moved swiftly close to them he realized they had seen them coming and had decided to retreat fast in a sideways direction, and he thought of chasing one but it was useless and the spacesuits and low gravity were too hard to use without training.
They were also well armed and capable of killing them and he was sure that they had heavier weapons available! How could they attack and win with them being so heavily armed without making major losses? Then as they properly examined the area around where they had been he realized that they had been capable of attacking them easier from there!
He just knew something would have stopped him getting any information from the gunmen if they had captured any of them!
He thought of the death of the soldier near him and how ruthlessly they had attacked! He had never fully realized how desolate, deadly, and beyond civilization the moon was, and how far from help it was! If anything serous happened they could not get help no matter what! He wondered if a war took place there if they could handle it!
Now all they needed to do was to get to the moonbase fast before their air ran out, and as they reached the moonbase he began wondering why none of their footsteps led to or came from the moonbase!


The Secret Moonbase

The moonbase was concealed deep underground and they found the tunnel with the entrance, and a soldier used a communicator at the side of the entrance to announce their arrival.
Weaver was bewildered and wondered how they managed to survive there! Surely the air alone would be tremendous and take vast space vehicles to bring in!
It was incredibly camouflaged and looked like part of the landscape, and he realized there must be other entrances to bring in vehicles and far larger objects, and perhaps at where vehicles might be kept.
Commander Craven identified himself and they sent out some soldiers to get them. Weaver realized that they were very precautious, and wondered why they had not described the mysterious deaths there as being the gunmen! And he wondered if they were actually at war with each other for some reason that they had not mentioned and that they had made it confidential!
Weaver recalled and realized one main point and that might prove that some of the gunmen had to have been in the base or have someone in it working for them, as deaths were reported as occurring in it, and he thought that it could be a major clue to finding them!
The entrance was slowly opened by soldiers in spacesuits who identified them and took them in and into a large air chamber where they stayed until air filled it, and they finally removed their spacesuits and marched in through a long corridor going downwards, wondering what it would be like.
As Weaver moved in at the front he saw that there was far more powerful lighting further in and he felt delighted that he would soon be able to rest and be inside and away from the severe conditions, and actually be doing his job that he was there for!
He wondered what they did there and were like in such conditions, and what peculiarities they must have with being in such a place, as he had seen elsewhere, and he wondered what effects the very low gravity had. Was it the same as being in space, and on space stations, and did they normally have to return to the Earth and proper gravity after six month, or was it longer?
He enjoyed exploring hidden places, and basically the unknown and unexplored, and he examined long corridors, untouched rooms, looking for evidence of anything.
He wondered what it would have been like to be one of the first there, and humans to visit other worlds! What would it actually be like? What would be the big surprises? Could they grow food and create and find all their needs?
He wondered if they had a water source at the moonbase, as it could mean the survival of the moonbase in the end, as the cost of it could accumulate!
What magnificent wonders would exist there? Would people eventually start building more and more structures instead?
A main corridor went out to at least a fifth of a mile with corridors and rooms going along it, and at the end of it stairs going downwards to other floors.
They clearly had found a way to build it with the least amount of materials!
Weaver realized how hard it would be to solve what was occurring and that there was far more people there than they had estimated, and he realized that the plans that he had seen of it had been wrong for some reason, and he wondered how they managed to get so many people there and have enough supplies!
He sensed hidden dangers and mysteries existed there and confirmed it from what some of the scientists they met said! The moonbase soldiers were far different from them, and had been clearly chosen for many different reasons! They were glad to see them and have help arrive, and he did believe that they believed that they could be killed there!
They were finally taken along a corridor to their sleeping accommodations and Weaver took a room next to Commander Craven and Reeves took one next to him, where they unpacked their stuff, and Weaver was happy to see that it had electricity and heating and other needs, and he visualized he was on a strange version of the Earth.
The low gravity was extraordinary and he wondered how much damage constant low gravity would have!
Later when he had something to eat in the dinner room some of the scientists started arguing with each other about things he could not grasp, and they only just stopped themselves mentioning things that were confidential!
Many things continued to confuse him and he could not get what they were all actually working on there! What were they doing out there in such a desolate region and in so many numbers? Surely the location had been explored by now? The cost was tremendous for keeping it there! There were no indications of anything! Yet he kept getting suggests of a tremendous confidential project of incredible value that most of them were working on!
Yet were they just funding vast amounts of useless and expensive science research, stopping the place from being closed?
Though they could be supplying valuable information on vast amounts of things for many sources, as well as looking after the military moonbase, and the tremendous top secret project they kept suggesting could be a highly confidential military project!


The Investigation

After they had discussions with the military commander of the moonbase Weaver realized that they were going to give them little information on anything, and for his investigations for his intelligence mission, and it had him all over the place meeting different people, and he continuously grasped suggestions of things, which never added up, and he was sure he was being denied access to something dangerous!
Something was being hidden away and they were all united and avoiding them, and some even showed deep fear of something, which he never actually grasped! Were people being killed for saying too much? If so he may be able to find one of them!
He entered many laboratories and drank with many of the scientists and tried to work out what they were working on, but they normally avoided telling him what they were doing.
He started to believe that there were scientists there that knew something that would tell him and he decided to find a way to find them and get them to tell him what he wanted!
He eventually started to realize many things that the scientists never mentioned, and he realized one and that the lower floors were never mentioned, and they avoided taking him there, and he decided he had to go there and see what was there for himself.
When he arrived at the bottom floor he found two security guards outside the entrance door and they stopped him entering, and told him that he needed special security clearance.
Weaver sensed that they never guarded the door all the time and believed that they would stop for a lunch break as they all stopped work above at the same time, so he waited until he believed they were away having lunch and checked from a hidden region on the stairs and saw that they were away and rushed down the stairs and entered the door and found a long empty corridor, realizing that they had not even attempted to lock it.  
He entered further into it and looked into empty rooms, wondering what they were up to, and all he saw was empty laboratories, and he examined one in detail, looking for clues of anything, and found documents mentioning particles and particle research and photographed them with a miniature camera.
The bottom floor was differently designed for some reason and mysterious things there kept him intrigued!
Perhaps it had hidden military secrets and he wondered what kind of secret weapons they could have discovered, which might not have been revealed to the world, and he wondered what the whole structure might have originally been like when built, and he realized the implications of them going out there on the moon and that it could be some of their most highly confidential stuff, and he even considered leaving it as he might do damage. If they were not doing any damage!
While approaching a corridor at his front side a white shape appeared and he saw a scientist in a white laboratory jacket marching out, and he muttered something and ignored him, and marched off towards where Weaver had come from, and to the stairs going up to the top floors, and he wondered if he would tell on him and shrugged and watched the scientist leave, and he wondered what he had been up to as he saw that he clearly had been actively working on something.
The incident and scientist’s appearance stuck in his thoughts and he tried to grasp some clue and something that he had missed that he could not realize!
In the end he just went to where he came from and rushed along the corridor.
What the hell were they up to? This case was really fascinating him! There were things that did not add up and make sense everywhere, and he could not think of any equivalence! He had never even heard of anything taking place in space, and the normal cases were nothing compared to this one!
He swiftly moved through the corridor wondering where it went and what the use was of having so many laboratory rooms, and he wished that he had informed someone where he had gone, and he made sure his handgun was ready.
The cost of it proved that if there was something there it would have value!
He remained silent and wandered along the corridor in the one direction, going away out from the upper floors of the moonbase, and he realized that he was in the interior of the moon and going directly under craters above, and he found the entrance to an elevator at the end of the corridor and entered it.
When it reached the bottom and the doors opened all he could do was gasp as a colossal dimly lit tunnel appeared! At first it resembled a giant road with an immense pipe structure running through it, and he moved up close and saw that it was a particle accelerator, and its detail became more clear and he studied it and was staggered at its complexity!
He was unfamiliar with particle accelerators but saw its size and that it was far more advanced and clearly for some other purpose than the normal versions that he had seen!
What it was doing there astounded him, and he was surprised that they had surprised him and he realized how he had underestimated them and wondered why!
Why had it been built there and why was it so secretive? As far as he knew there were no real problems concerned with particle accelerators, and he wondered if they were creating some new form of atomic bomb or something far more powerful that they had discovered!
He followed the tunnel along staggered and wondered what all the deaths were about, and what the soldiers were doing outside! Were they trying to stop them telling on them about something?


The Time Warp

The research center Weaver rushed into was so colossal and mind-bending it left him dazed and he entirely forgot about not giving away his presence!
The particle accelerator tunnel went around in a circle and led into there, the central region, where there was an immense sphere chamber, with a frontal region of translucent material, which had in its interior a colossal translucent black hole type form blasting wildly about itself, within the chamber.
A powerful magnetic field in the chamber was clearly suspending it, but not firmly as it shifted wildly about itself, and Weaver examined a group of scientists standing about the front of it, and he studied their blank faces and tried to grasp what they were thinking and studying.
Many other scientists were in laboratories behind them at monitors and equipment checking the results being showed, and Weaver analyzed inside the chamber and followed all the glares of the scientists to a metallic gleam of light being magically suspended, motionlessly in mid-air, from the surface of an electronic clock.
At first he believed it had to be a black hole but he knew it was something else, and gasped and realized particle accelerators could actually create such occurrences!
As he edged further in he saw how colossal a laboratory was further in and that hundreds of scientists were working there and his opinion changed, as they were surely not what he thought!
He recognized some of the scientists and listened to them intensely but all they gave him was that they were carrying out a series of basic experiments.
The shudders of objects to the sphere’s tremendous force gave him shudders and he watched the power of it, like it could destroy anything put against it, and he watched the scientists in the outer laboratory and started to notice their reactions to the dangers and that they were keeping away from it, and he was sure it was more recently discovered or altered in some way than he had realized!
The antics of some scientists captivated him more and more – mystifying him with the depth of their nervousness and fear of something! Many repetitively studied controls of laboratory equipment, and he realized that they were intending to do something, at some point! 
None of them explained what it was or how it was formed and he believed that they would have discovered many other unknown things of interest.
An audience formed in the outer room that baffled him when they gave loud accounts on the discovery of something, which for some reason they all avoided saying anything directly about.
Many of the scientists were famous and the atmosphere was unbelievable, and as though the audience was waiting for something unbelievable and dangerous to occur!
He sensed that most at least accepted him as being one of them, and he felt a shiver run through him as he sensed again something was going to occur! The thing looked entirely deadly and pulsating with energy, and looked and sounded on the brink of something!
One outsider scientist looked the most confused and sat in a seat behind him examining everything, considering what had happened and was occurring, and perhaps why they had not told them much.
Weaver at times spotted what looked like the shape of something inside it, and after along time of carefully examinations he was unable to see anything.
It looked powerful and deadly! The new scientists there had surely learned new information from them and looked as if they were considering things.
It looked like some form of freak show at angles, with strange lighting there.
He watched some scientists and technicians bringing in equipment and arranging it around the front of the bubble, and he wondered what the hell they were doing and dealing with, and for a moment thought he saw the sphere shift.
The scientists went to the edge of the chamber and entered a highly advanced clock near the black hole object’s field and the scientists reacted immediately when they noticed results and concluded that its precision digital numbers were being frozen, and it altered into strange forms as the clock was shifted slightly inwards, and they studied suspended partially transparent layers of it created by it, and most of the audience watched the phenomenon with amazement.
Many scientists sat astounded and some filmed it and what might be an incredible historic occurrence and a discovery that might prove time travel existed and that might finally fully prove what it was!
The scientists occasionally gave detailed explanations of what they were doing and believed was really occurring and one finally explained its formation and Weaver listened intensely, and he explained that particle accelerators on the Earth had for decades been confined to lower velocities until the invention of antigravity, artificial gravity, and forces that had been able to accelerate particles to incredible velocities, but their antigravity and forces had not been enough as the antigravity never fully eradicated the effect of gravity, and they used particle accelerators on the moon where it was able to work properly and eradicate the far lower gravity acting on it, and the particle accelerator had finally been made to increase particles to accelerations many times the velocity of light, and they had finally formed a time warp, with an intense magnetic field.
Weaver learned that they had been unsuccessful in opening a gateway like a time machine and that they had only been able to send things into the near future through it and that they were still working on many projects.
The clock edged into the confines of the warp bubble created magnificent optical effects with the clock, making it distort in twisted forms, deliberately designed for their stage performance.
Weaver realized the implications of it though and that it was far dangerous than he had imagined, as if they managed to create a proper time machine, as they suggested, they could go about altering events throughout time, and he realized they could do anything to anyone with it and even stop or alter the modern world’s existence by eliminating key events!
New leading scientists were allowed to investigate it and they crowded around it loudly discussing it, and they applauded it and announced it was the first discover of a form of time travel found.
Most of the people watched on in wonder, and many watched on wondering what the hell it was, as it was far more different than he had thought!
It looked as if it was rupturing the fabric of space and played with time, with properties of altering and suspending it, yet they fully explained that it was not a rupture in space itself and that they had made a warp in time!
Many of leading scientists talked about working with it and carrying out numerous basic and complex experiments with all the equipment available to them, and they showed detailed information had been accumulated, but most was not currently available to them, and it left the other scientists and him wondering what else they had!
Their abnormal antics at times were captivating, mystifying him with the depth of their fears of something else, and he had not seen scientists such as them actually react about anything such as it without there being something tremendously deadly!