The Alien Source Code

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A classic action science fiction thriller of the adventures of explorers detecting and uncovering a perfectly symmetric black sphere voyager of transcendent origins!
A time machine becomes damaged during the Second World War, at the same time and location as Hess crashed, and the time traveler’s injuries kill him but before his death he tells why he arrived there and that he was searching for the lost treasures and ultimate technology of colossal value of an ultimate time traveler.
They soon realize what he missed and that he arrived at the wrong latitude and that the location is at the same exact line through the same longitude, and the explorers uncover the transcendent artifact after it has been buried away for billions of years and discover its true origins and it is the ultimate time machine/voyager when they activate it.
One of the explorers is strapped into a control seat inside it, leaving him stunned and contemplating his chances of survival when it hurtles out of space and time, turning him into an energy formation and leaving him floating through the vast depths of the cosmos, and the other explorers are left stunned when its vast unstable energy explosions blast out across an infinity of outer dimensions with such force that it threatens to warp or rip away and destroy space and time!