The Time Probe

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A high quality action-packed thriller of explorers encountering a mind-bending ultimate voyager!
A new thriller of explorers, paranormal investigators, scientists, military, archaeologists, and treasure seekers uncovering a deadly mind-bending voyager probe with inconceivable magnitude and supernatural origins that explored outer universes, which entered this universe exploring something of unknown origins!
After exploring a legendary desolate castle and region (where there are accounts of supernatural activity, hideous deaths, and vast amounts of treasure) explorers slowly reveal something with intelligence of unknown deadly origins exists there!
They find unknown and strange occurrences everywhere they turn as they explore the remains of the place, trying to determine what it is and what it is doing there, and slowly uncover the mind-bending ultimate time and space voyager probe buried away there with its hideous supernatural intelligence, waiting to be properly revived, with powers capable of destroying reality!