The Dyson Stargate

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An epic mind-boggling action-packed movie style science fiction horror thriller!
In the first story story, The Dyson Stargate, deep in the depths of Mars, astronauts discover an alien energy sphere, gateway and existence that spans the whole cosmos, and scientists use its technology to carry out some of the most advanced and dangerous research experiments attained!
Astronauts enter a colossal and mind-blowing gateway, called the Dyson Stargate, within a black hole, which extends across the depths of space, with trillions of portals, going into the deepest and most buried away and mind-bending reaches of the cosmos!
They are chased throughout galaxies by something hideous, and an existence from the beginning of the universe, created by the creators of the universe, with the sole purpose of stopping highly advanced extraterrestrial species using the gateway or constructing gateways, to avoid universal civilizations and wars.
None of the astronauts know what created the mind-boggling gateway and what is after them but something else in the gateway keeps saving them from ultimate deadly encounters and dangers and it takes them throughout the depths of the cosmos, hurtling through mind-bending portals, going through vast galaxies!
In the second story, Particle Accelerator X3, an intelligence agent is sent on an ultimate mission! Scientists create a stargate on the moon after time warps and new forms of black holes are created in particle accelerators in space! Reports claim there is an ultimate weapon capable of destroying entire worlds! Scientists carry out experiments on the colossal stargate, gateway to the stars, and at an exhibition of it an accident occurs and the intelligence agent enters it and travels out beyond the realms of the universe, and hurtles through a mind-bending gateway through galaxies!