The Deadliest Scottish Tales of Terror

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Newspapers and legends, at a Scottish castle, over centuries, give unexplained and mind-bending tales of horror of the discoveries of the remains of travelers scattered in woods and them being attacked by evil magical forces!
A group of people are forced into staying at the haunted castle and are fanatical with getting the lost treasure hidden there, which they believe has been left there by the last owner, and they explore the colossal haunted castle and vast desolate estate in a treasure quest adventure, with the characters racing to get it first, even after two major murders and televised police investigations.
Leading scientists and psychic investigators there go to any length to prove the existence of the supernatural, with the foremost in scientists, technology, and equipment to investigate it far further than anyone has done before!
In the abyss of space something from somewhere with unknown origins enters space, the solar system, through a celestial gateway!
From an alternative reality! Somewhere beyond comprehension!
Something hideous of unknown origins rests deep underground in a secret chamber, dormant, waiting to carry out a deadly mission!
Will mankind survive if it is fully revived, and it has all its powers and original state restored?