The Reality Investigations Detective Agency

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A classic high quality action-packed thriller of a detective agency investigating strange occurrences and something of unknown origins buried deep underground!
In the abyss of deep space something of unknown origins enters space from a celestial gateway!
From an alternative reality! Somewhere beyond our comprehension!
Something beyond comprehension rests deep beneath London in cavity, waiting to be revived!
Will mankind survive if it is fully revived, with its powers and original state restored?
Workmen constructing a new section of the London underground near London Bridge during the Second World War uncover something of unknown origins in a large underground cavity and leading scientists and archeologists are brought in to discover what is buried away, so deep beneath the ground!
Scientists unsuccessfully scan below the ground, searching for what is below, but while using a new form of the scanning technology they uncover things that never showed up on the original scans, and realize something below is stopping them from seeing what is there!
Something strange is buried deep below, hundreds of feet below, at least thousands of years old, and a blurred image of it is detected, and after examinations of it they grasp its colossal size!